Saturday 3 September 2016

European Sojourn At Euro Restaurant & Bar | Hotel Sahara Star | FBAI Invite

Food Revolution afoot and we get to sample delicacies from all over the world, without actually traveling..well,all over the world! When FBAI Invite to attend the launch party of Euro, the newest offering from magnificent Hotel Sahara Star, landed in my inbox, I needed no second reminding to take a culinary journey through Europe right here in Mumbai. A lazy weekend laid ahead as a motley bunch of vivacious foodies merged for an evening of wine and fine dine.
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Euro European Restaurant & Bar Hotel Sahara Star
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Hotel Sahara Star Euro European Restaurant & Bar Launch Party Review

Straightforward. Sublime. Elegant. These words instantly pop up in mind regarding Euro's decor. Minimalist yet so classy. Much like French films. With a sitting space for 46 people, open for dinner only, Euro offers a rotating menu with a specialty dish each night. Smart move by Chef Amol Rane, Executive Chef Salil Fadnis and Restaurant Manager Sarang Patil. After all, Europe has so much to offer,why pigeonhole it just into 'French' or 'Italian' or 'German' cuisine and why not let the menu surprise us every single night? :)
Live Kitchen Masterchef Class
Fresh Baked Goods and Cheese

The open kitchen set the stage for LIVE wizardry as the exclusive wine collection let us start the party on the right bubbly note. Absolutely adored the red wine sangria even though normally I am more into white wine. The fresh baked bread and cheese counter looked tempting and tasted even better. French Baguette, Bread Sticks, Bread Rolls topped with Pumpkin Seeds, paired with Mozzarella immersed in Pesto olive oil dip = superlative! 

Tasting portions of quite a multitude of dishes made the foodies happy. For those with conservative Indian palate, remember to enjoy the focus on rich textures and subtle flavors of each dish. And yes, the names take a special focus to remember, none of that easy-peasy Paneer Kadhai type name to be expected :D Every dish comes to the table after going through masterchef level technique and finesse after all. Quite impressed with how well they have balanced the vegetarian side of the menu to compete with non-vegetarian on equal terms.
Pistachio Strudel with grilled Asparagus and Zabaglione Recipe
Fresh Porcini Mushroom soup Recipe
Pistachio Strudel with grilled Asparagus and Zabaglione looked divine and tasted a bit too sour-ish, but Porcini Mushroom soup was just the soulful embrace I needed with its full-bodied texture. 
Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables Recipe
Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta with balsamic reduction and creamy sauce Recipe
Herb Tortellini with Morel Cream and Nicoise Vegetables again looked mesmerizing but was a bit too bland for me. I could not place its familiar texture until someone else on our table commented that it gave that feeling of having Pizza McPuff at McDonald's! I was however too busy relishing Stuffed Mushrooms Bow Pasta with balsamic reduction and creamy sauce, even though the pasta itself was a bit dry, the sauce was creamy and nutty which made it scrumptious. 
Truffle Risotto with Parmesan shavings Recipe
Purple Potato Gnocchi with Oregano smoke and Citrus Chive cream Recipe
Barley & Gorgonzola Rissoto Recipe Gourmet Vegetarian
For the main course, Truffle Risotto with Parmesan shavings was fairly enjoyable, even my sister who doesn't particularly enjoy mushrooms quite liked it. Purple Potato Gnocchi with Oregano smoke and Citrus Chive cream was pure cheesy indulgence,inside and out. Intense dairy flavor lovers would probably want to marry this one! Barley & Gorgonzola Rissoto was packed with all the right flavors apart from being a healthy option.
Delicious Vegetarian Gourmet Recipe Raspberry Custard with cocoa biscuit and macaroon
Delicious Gourmet Vegetarian Recipe Ginger Mousse with soft cocoa biscuit, rosemary snow and caramel

The Dessert section however outshone everything in my opinion (and I am trying not to let my evident bias for sweeter things creep in here!) Raspberry Custard with cocoa biscuit and macaroon was like little circle of heaven we couldn't get enough of, with its light-as-air texture, a cooling effect on the palate and that macaroon as good as a sweet fluffly cloud! Ginger Mousse with soft cocoa biscuit, rosemary snow and caramel was overwhelmingly gingery at first bite though the second and third bites made the subtle rosemary and caramel flavors burst forth and made it another layered delicacy. Completely worthy of being called top class fine dine desserts :)  
Exclusive Wine and Cheese pairing event review India Mumbai
Euro Restaurant & Bar strives to give the perfect European experience and is worth a dekko. Thank you FBAI & Sahara Star for introducing something unique for branching out one's culinary escapades, something memorable in terms of ambiance and service, something special to remember an evening by.
All Photos Courtesy : Prachi Shailendra Photography 


  1. Amazing post. Had so much fun attending the event.. Good post


    1. It was such pleasure meeting you :) Hope to bump into each other soon!

  2. lovely pictures and the food looks soooo yummy! xx

    1. Thanks Aditi, my sister clicks beautiful pictures and you can see all her work at :)

  3. Amazing post, Richa :) I thoroughly enjoyed reading this review. The names are really tricky to remember, but yes, food pictures are drool-worthy <3
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    1. Thanks Anamika :) Love that you also find the names tricky to remember :D

  4. Great post and food look yummy!!

  5. Great shots.... loved the post! :)

  6. Nice review, Richa. The ambiance is inviting so as the food. Moreover, I love tortellini... :-D

    1. Yay, thank you, this was the first time I had authentic European food and quite liked it too :)

  7. Hmmm. . .What a yummy review ! Thanks for sharing and enlightening.

    Jitendra Mathur

  8. Amazing post.....loved the picture and specially the food...yummy

    1. Thanks Anupriya :) It is a beautiful place with some elegant food!


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