Friday 30 September 2016

Making The Right Lifestyle Choices With Godrej Nature’s Basket Healthy Alternatives | Health Food Lifestyle

Celebrities are just like us. They also shop at the same stores we do and care about their health just like us, or maybe even more.

Twinkle Khanna Bollywood Actress Celebrity Spotting Mumbai

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Launch Press Meet

These were just some of the thoughts running through my mind as I saw Twinkle Khanna showcase a big wad of bills she had accrued via shopping at Godrej Nature’s Basket in September alone! Occasion was the launch and overview meet for Healthy Alternatives category of products by Godrej Nature’s Basket on a sunny Mumbai morning at the classic Godrej One campus in Vikhroli, amongst a motley group of press and bloggers.

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

India Mumbai Bloggers Meet Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Launch Press Meet

Godrej Nature’s Basket is already a premium world food store, at least that’s how my family looks at it :) We visit them to get the best in terms of meal options from all over the world, be it fresh fruits and vegetables or a variety of vegan alternatives to milk, exclusive range of jams or sauces, dips and other condiments and much more. Healthy Alternatives marks an even stronger step they have taken in terms of providing a comprehensive range of products that help us make the right choices in life.

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Since our modern lifestyles are unbelievably hectic, we often pick up ‘ready to eat meal’ packets or reach for that delectable packet of chips when we need to snack or how about gulping down that last piece of dense chocolate brownie, and later on comes the inevitable guilt trip as well as fears related to what is going to happen to our overall health in the long run. Whether it be snacking on over-processed, artificially sweetened or preserved food items or heat-and-eat our meals, these are not habits that can be sustained over long run without seriously damaging our health as more often than not, they provide empty calories but no nutrients. And it is not just that we do not have time to cook but rather, it is difficult to find the right ingredients in all the noise in the market. Add to that, the increasing lifestyle problems such as gluten and dairy allergies (which did not exist till about a century ago!) and we need targeted products to ensure that our families get tasty yet healthy food on a regular basis whether it be a complete meal or just a snack on the go.

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Vegetarian Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Godrej Nature's Basket Healthy Alternatives Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Press Meet Bloggers Meet Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Healthy Alternatives thus is a carefully curated wellness range with products ranging from organic grocery, natural fruit chips, roasted high protein snacks, gluten free pastas, black & red rice, forest elephant rice, floral honey, tea blends, olive oil, free range eggs and much more! All of these are geared towards ensuring that we make the right choice every time our hands reach out to pick something off the shelf. Nobody should be forced to have boring tasteless food in the name of ‘health’ (everybody’s favourite complaint) and all of us present at the venue were subject to a healthy, nutritious and tasty lunch curated using the very same products. With dishes such as Quinoa salad with pumpkin seeds, forest elephant rice, organic spinach tadka and makhana chaat, honestly this was a memorable lunch that definitely tasted different, but in a good way. It was lighter, did not make me feel sleepy and kept me energized. This is, in a nutshell, what Healthy Alternatives is all about. Most of these products are barely available in Indian market and here Godrej is making us proud by bringing the latest & greatest in terms of health & nutrition right to our doorstep.

Gift Hamper Bloggers Meet Health Nutrition Lifestyle Food

Celebrity Twinkle Khanna Bollywood Mumbai India

The afternoon saw a lively discussion of all these concepts of health, nutrition and more with Twinkle Khanna, Tanya Dubash (Executive Director & Chief Brand Officer of Godrej Group) and Avani Davda (M.D.-Godrej Nature’s Basket) It opened up a new world of looking at our daily life, of which food is a huge part, in a new way, all for the better. Get ready to shop for the same at all Godrej Nature’sBasket outlets (they have already started running out of stock in many of them!) as well as on their website or via mobile apps. Here is looking forward to a healthier future, where health would be not an alternative, rather occupy the mainstream position that it deserves :)

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