Tuesday 27 September 2016

Happiness Goes Extra Large With Light House Cafe XXXL Festival | Food Review | Restaurant Review

We know about XXXL size clothes, but when was the last time we heard of the same concept applied to food? Considering that most of the people go out with friends/ in large groups, Light House Cafe got the brilliant concept of bringing humongous portions of delicious food and drinks in XXXL festival, fit for groups ranging from 4-8 people, stretching the limits of stomach without affecting the wallet!

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Light House Cafe India Food Festival

Our bloggers group landed up here right after our tiring office/college schedules and were instantly comforted in a rustic ambiance with brilliant music playing in the background and super-polite staff going out of their way for our convenience. I had a horribly sore throat and asked them to get me something out of the XXXL menu (even though we were invited to just try that!) and they brought me piping hot, creamy tomato soup which helped immensely. Further, when our group ordered drinks, they went out of their way to get me Virgin Hot Todi (honey, lemon juice, cloves, cinnamon) that literally helped my throat clear up overnight :)

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Light House Cafe

Tomato Soup Vegetarian Delicious Recipe

Virgin Todi

Coming to the XXXL festival itself, well if you believe bigger is better (and honestly, why won’t anybody!) then come here as soon as possible as this fest lasts till 30th November. Feast on classic and special cocktail concoctions in sizes of 1.5, 2 or 2.5 litres! Literally, bucket full of delicious drinks to be enjoyed with friends (mine loved the Kokam one :D) and they present it superbly too.

Light House Cafe Cocktails

Light House Cafe

The food here is perfect to go with drinks, so we have sliders and pizzas with innovative fillings and toppings. While sliders are available in batches of 9 (XL), 12 (XXL) and 16 (XXXL), pizzas in 9 inches, 12 inches and 16 inches (XL, XXL and XXXL respectively) which are fit for huge groups. We literally tried everything available for vegetarians in the menu (good number of options) :D

Light House Cafe Vegetarian Food Blogger India Mumbai Review

Among Sliders, we went for the XXXL option which brought us 4 of each variety. Cool, right? Order this if you are in a group of minimum 6-7 people because 4 of us were struggling to finish it (breads fill you up very quickly)!

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Started with Mumbai’s favourite Samosa Pav where Samosa could have had a bit more crunch but loved the balance of spices and chutneys in it,

Paneer Butter Masala slider was milder and a bit sweet-ish in taste, something I personally love and gave that feel of having naan and gravy in an Indian restaurant,in bite sized pieces of course,

Caponata between breads came equipped with distinct taste of veggies,tomatoes and mozzarella, making it feel like bite sized pizza, lovely!

Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai was basically Chilli Paneer with absolutely tongue burning level of chilli, recommended for those who love fiery stuff. Flavors were good enough in all the sliders and we easily lost ourselves in conversations while relishing these. Special mention to the in-house fries which were perfectly crunchy,nom nom.

Delicious Gourmet Cheese Italian Vegetarian Pizza India Recipe

Among the pizzas,we again tried all the varieties and would recommend everywhere to go for the Half N Half option available here :) Again, go for the XL option if in a group of 3, XXL for 4-5 and XXXL option for 6-7 people!

Classic Margherita was the perfectly balanced mix of sweet tomatoes, fresh basil pesto and drool-worthy mozzarella cheese, absolute love!

I M Dope was my personal favourite but I think it might not be everyone’s cup of tea, basically a mix of special cheeses, fennel seeds and arugula leaves, it is dense, creamy, a bit as if a layer of Paneer was crumbled on top and leaning towards sweeter palate. For me, absolute winner but needs someone with experimental palate to appreciate it :)

I Need Veggies is the safe option with boatloads of veggies making it wholesome, I would prefer it to be a tad less oily but otherwise no complaints, would love to have this any time :)

I'd like Some Fungus is strictly for ardent mushroom lovers with good dense flavours of different types of mushroom along with Blue Cheese and Truffle Oil taking it to a very unique, hitherto un-tasted territory for me (and I AM a mushroom lover but not much of a blue cheese lover) Again, something that cannot be called a safe option but good for experimental foodies.

Paneer Bhurji is the crowd pleaser with lovely hearty portion of soft crumbly Paneer Bhurji with desi cheese shavings over very crispy pizza base, can totally see masses tucking into this happily. Some might say the topping is way too generous but being an ardent Paneer lover, am not complaining :D

Vegetarian Peanut Butter Toast Dessert RecipeLight House Cafe Vegetarian Food Blogger India Mumbai

Light House Cafe Vegetarian Chocolate Swiss Roll Recipe

After getting nearly 1/3rd of all this doggy-bagged,we turned our attention towards desserts, which again come in sizes to make ardent foodies happy :D Peanut Butter & Jam toasts were good enough (personally I am not a peanut butter fan but won’t mind having this) but the absolute star of the evening, a dish we would swim through oceans for, was Rolled Up For Tripping i.e. Classic Swiss Roll With Chocolate and Nuts, served like a wooden log. There was a stampede on our table to finish this one, with its texture a mix between Mousse & Ice cream winning over our hearts with 1 bite :) Even if I have to travel 4 hours to get this one here, my travel would be worth it! It is thaaaaaaaat good. Must-must-must have :D

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Ardent foodies are all too familiar with the rigors of visiting restaurants that charge a bomb just to serve measly portions which might be fine once in a well (when we are in particular mood for some gourmet fine dine) but on any regular day,we just want to chill with our friends and have some grub without getting robbed. XXXL Festival honors this :D What’s not to love? Absolutely recommended!

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