Saturday, 4 June 2016

5th December Chocolatier & Patissier, Lower Parel, Mumbai

5th December Chocolatier & Pattissier caught my attention because that is my birthdate (Yup,now you know when to wish me peoples :D) and I am so glad it did else my sweet jaw would not have been able to add another favorite to its list! I love sweet stuff and am one of those people who are always imagining what is coming in for dessert course even while munching on the starters or main course :D Needless to say, cakes, chocolates, pastries and so on are my favorites and places that serve these automatically at top of my must visit list. Even better is when I try something new and it turns out fabulous. 

Just had this amazing Chocolate Cream Cheese Mango Fudge Cake from this place and it is amazing. I love Mars and Snickers chocolate and anybody who loves them knows what makes them different, it is that burnt nutty caramel gooey flavor that oozes from their core. Something very similar happened with this cake. It looked like another dense chocolate cake with some kind of mango pulpy design on top but one bite and the explosion of flavors enveloped all my senses :) There was dense, smooth chocolate all right (not too sweet,not too bitter and the base just right,neither soggy nor hard), but on top was the same nutty burnt caramel-y flavor which was the mango fudge. It was so gooey, so different, I have actually not had this kind of flavor atop a cake or pastry ever! And just when I thought this was all, I bit into the slice and out oozed the cream cheese fudge from the insides too

Mind you, even one slice of this is enough to lead to instant 2 kgs increase in body weight (just for all you health conscious peoples out there :D) But hey come on, we are talking about cake! It is supposed to be dense and delicious and unique and this one was all this and more :) I cannot wait to try more unique flavors from here. My sister did find it a bit too sweet but she doesn't have any sweet tooth and the fact that she even tried this is a big enough deal :P She said she would have liked something more solid-y (such as more nuts!) to break the monotony of the fudge,so maybe that can be done. For those who love to indulge in new flavors and love sweet,gooey,intensely rich (in taste as well as calories) cakes/pastries, this one is a must try :) 

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