Monday 27 June 2016

IndiKitchen | Lower Parel | Mumbai | Food Review

Just last week, a friend had mentioned IndiKitchen during a routine conversation and it seems the Food Gods smiled on me as I got the honor of trying some of their dishes for lunch. Delivered on time, packaged extremely securely, generous portions and outstanding taste, IndiKitchen is mighty impressive :) 

I thought there would be just 2-3 dishes to taste and review, but I got so much food that my entire family feasted on that! Thank you to the kind peoples at IndiKitchen. We had Onion Kulcha, Garlic Naan, Chana Masala, Paneer Makhani, Dal Makhani, Veg Fried Rice, Paneer Biryani, Paneer Lasooni and Chocolate Samosa. Phew! 

Onion Kulcha, Paneer Makhani, Paneer Biryani and Paneer Lasooni are my personal favourites. Kulcha was smooth, soft, generously filled with lovely onion bits, with that yummy Tandoori flavour. Still making my mouth water :D My sister also wants to recommend this, so there! Paneer Makhani was on the sweetish side, which made me polish it off on its own :P Smooth gravy, softest chunks of Paneer, this is perfection. Paneer Lasooni had bigger chunks which were also melt-in-mouth, I suspect they do not use frozen paneer and rather either make it themselves or source it from a farm where they make fresh paneer every morning because this is sinful. My whole family LOVED Paneer to the hilt. 

Paneer Biryani was much better than the Pulav served as Biryani in many places. Fragrant rice, decently spiced and big chunks of Tandoori Paneer made this a delight to have with the accompanying Garlic Raita, makes this the perfect lunch item for 1 person or 4 PM snack for 2 foodies, especially during monsoons :) 

My dad loved Garlic Naan and my mom loved Chana Masala which was prepared just like they do it in Punjab/ Haryana. My parents spent a little time in Punjab so they are well versed with the kind of authentic food the dhabas serve there, and this Chana Masala was just like that. Hats off to the Chef for this level of authenticity, all it needs is a Bhatura to compliment it perfectly, or in our case we had it with Veg Fried Rice and it was yummy in the tummy :D 

My sister loves Dal Makhani and she found the version here decent enough because it was different from the usual ghee laden ones we get in restaurant. My mom said it was because they had a tomato base making it a bit more acidic than usual and it was not dripping in Ghee which I suppose is good news for our arteries :D Dal lovers may try this. 

Chocolate Samosa is a good dessert to end such a royal feast on a high note with crispy samosa shell and dense, indulgent chocolate filling within, loved it and would recommend to all sweet lovers. 

A look at the menu establishes that it is extremely value for money for the authentic, delicious food they serve, especially Punjabi dishes have that much-longed-for dhaba ka tadka wala swaad :) I am interested in trying out everything else on the menu and especially love their idea of make your own meal (just like Wok!) Do try them out, there is something for everyone here, that too while making the wallet happy.

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