Thursday 23 June 2016

Amadeus, NCPA, Nariman Point, Mumbai

Fine Dining. A term that does not only denote food of highest standards but perfect ambiance, top-notch service and the old world charm that instantly makes us nostalgic. Amadeus is a must-visit for revisiting and relishing the true meaning of Fine Dine.

Situated inside NCPA (Gate 2) which is among Mumbai's premier places for promotion of Arts whether it be movies, painting, singing, play performances or orchestra, Amadeus is an award-winning European restaurant specializing in Spanish, Greek, Turkish, Arabian cuisines. The menu is not unnecessarily bloated and only the best is served by the most impeccably polite and efficient staff who take care of every patron who walks in the door like a Royal Family Member. The ambiance is classy to the hilt. I like the indoor seating more but the outdoors are stunning too, this is one spacious place perfect for everything from family dinners and intimate conversations to business meetings or even chilling with friends. And alcohol lovers,the sheer variety of drinks (especially wines) will make you go weak in the knees. Needless to say, all this finesse comes at a price so make sure to save up and do come here for special occasions. 

My sister and I visited here on 16th June which incidentally was World Tapas Day. Now,none of us are particularly knowledgeable about world cuisine but I did remember reading somewhere that Tapas are basically a variety of Spanish snacks. We had never had Spanish dishes specifically so decided to try out the Vegetarian Tapas Set Menu that includes a glass of House Wine at Rs. 1200 (plus taxes). I assumed that it would be a variety of Spanish snack items just like in India we have so many Tandoori items/ Chaats/ Kebabs that are relegated to starters section but actually are complete meals in themselves when paired knowledgeably. I wasn't wrong. We had 5 Spanish dishes,each one superlative and am glad we tried out something new. We started with a delicious complimentary bread basket which just increased our appetite for the Tapas menu. Wine was good,my sister had white and I had red, though I am not much of an alcohol person and my sister only finished both the glasses, so she would be better judge of that :D

First up was Ash Chevre Coca with Jalapenos and Caramelized Onions which was basically a thin crust pizza with a mildly crunchy texture, sour as well as sweet-ish flavor, perfect amount of cheese on top and a rocket leaf as accompaniment. Loved it. My sister is off pizzas for the time being but she gulped down 3 slices here so that is a testament to how good they were :) They weren't overwhelmingly loaded with toppings but constructed just so the flavors complimented each other nicely.

Burnt Garlic Spinach Brie and Feta Brik with Tzatziki Relish came up next, looking like little Puff Pastries filled with Spinach. On first bite, it felt like I was having simple boiled spinach. On second, the garlic kick made its presence known. On third bite,pairing it with Tzatziki Relish gave it a beautiful sour-sweet flavor. A complex dish that looks so simple, not to mention it is probably the healthiest dish I have had in a restaurant in a long time. Such hearty portion of spinach (which I love), such subtle hints of Garlic, this I would search for when I go to Spain :D

Whole Mushroom Caps with Pedro Ximenez Sherry with Herbed Goats Cheese was my favorite of the lot since it had these juicy mushrooms with the strong cheese stuffing without it being too cheesy or dense. Mustard infused Piquillo Peppers stuffed with Saarl on Citrus Rocket were something unique but a bit too sour which still did not deter me from polishing off the plate :D The unique experience was how the flavors changed from cold and smooth to spicy and sour in a matter of seconds. Nice inventive dish this one, especially for pepper lovers! 

Beer batter Clumped Corn with Spiced Chimichuri Sauce and Lemon Allioli presented a conundrum since it was delicious with that energy of corn all over our palate but the photos do not make it look good :D Suffice to say, if you like Crispy Corn you would love this too. Like all other dishes, this one too is not very spicy or extreme in flavors, rather it is a subtle amalgamation of textures and flavors that need to be relished quietly. 

I just wish there was a dessert included in the set menu, though that wouldn't be strictly a Tapas menu then I suppose :D Well, the portions were just adequate for what is expected in a true fine dine establishment and quality of ingredients top-notch making this an elegant dining experience for us. Combining that with the warmth with which the staff took care of us ensures that we will be back and explains why this place has so many loyal regular patrons. Till next time then, Adios Amadeus :)


  1. Loved the post and I am hungry.. thanks :P Spinach Brie Yum Yum

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    1. Oh now I am also hungry just looking at the pics all over again..and the fact that this is one meal that contributed nothing bad to my calorie count at all :D

  2. Looks like a great place! :)


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