Tuesday 28 June 2016

Morselo | Powai | Mumbai | Food Review

Surprise in every bite. And a delicious one at that! 

Let us ponder over some things. Today,we are eating out or getting food home/office delivered more than ever, right? So what is the first thing we think of when it comes to ordering food, quickly? Pizzas,Sandwiches, Burgers or Chinese. There you go! Very rarely do we think 'Hey let us order some Naan or Khichdi with Spicy Veg Gravy', because Indian food by and large gets messy & needs paraphernalia whereas pizza slices or sandwiches or burgers are so easy to order,gobble up on the go! We are always on the go,who needs a mess on their hands, right? 

That is exactly what a bunch of eclectic food lovers thought of and did something never done before. How about creating something absolutely unique while retaining the soul of India? That is what Morselo is all about. Taking authentic,delicious,hearty,wholesome Indian food and creating bite sized delicacies that can be enjoyed on the go without hurting the wallet. Stunning is the word for the concept as well as the execution. This team has done everything on their own, from creating the menu to designing the packaging,everything to showcase the passion for 'Yes Indian food can be packaged,promoted and enjoyed like this too!' 

Of all the tasting sessions I have done in recent times, this one takes the cake by impressing me the most. This is a small outlet in Hiranandani Galleria, Powai (for now, I hope they open up at more places soon!) with very little space to sit but hey,the whole concept is to have amazing food on the go. So either pick something from here or get it home delivered. 

There are Quickie and Relish sized meals to choose from in both Veg as well as Non Veg categories. Craving for some Naan and Subzi? Go for Dal Morselo, Naan baked with Dal inside! Tastes much better than I have made it sound :D Love Dahi ke Kebab? Go for Crispy Dahi, these babies take 18 hours to prepare and every bite is a delicious testament to that! Love Biryani? Go for Fusion Rice, full of fragrant flavor and that feeling of having had perfectly spiced Biryani or if you are like me, go for morsel bite Khichdi as Comfy Rice! See what they have done, taken all our favorites and created their bite sized counterparts full of flavors, just pick them up and eat! I recommend the Veg Indulgence Platter as my personal favorite Paneer comes here in Smoked as well as Minty variety, it is impossible to have just one. The best part is that these platters, even the Quickie one is perfect for a filling meal for one person and it IS healthy too, having carbs, proteins, fats, salads, all that we need in proper proportions (this is my personal observation) :) This makes the Morselo platters here far more preferable to me than just gobbling down a sandwich or burger or pizza slice for my lunch or dinner! 

Not in the mood for a complete platter? Go for fried baby potatoes with secret sauce on top as Potato Smashers or Fried Choco Fruits (which will derail anyone's gym plans for a week) the sinful indulgence of having seasonal fruits or chocolates deep fried, it is both a dessert as well as a savory side dish at the same time. And no matter how full you are, this you WILL dig into! They are THAT good :D 

For fellow dessert lovers, Gooey Chocolate Brownie (which frankly was the softest,gooey-est brownie I have had in over a year at least!) and Dodha Tart (there are no words to describe this,it is 7th level of dessert heaven) are there, so even if you are not having anything else, do have these. Just do that. You will thank me forever :) And the in-house Chaas, Lemon Twist and Orange Chilli Tango drinks are also ready to bring back nostalgic memories of childhood. Oh this is one distinguishing factor for every dish here, it evokes memories. Fantastic! 

Honestly,I cannot find a single thing out of sync with anything here. 
Innovative, unique idea? Check. 
Deliciousness in every bite? Check. 
Simply the best desserts EVER? Check. 
Highest quality ingredients used? Check. 
Good portions and proportions of all that we need? Check. 
Pocket friendly? Check. 

I am just waiting for them to open up near my home / office so that I could finally convince my mom that I will not survive on a daily diet of pizzas or noodles or cheesy burgers for the rest of my life :D Morselo is here, why fear :)

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