Wednesday 15 June 2016

Growel's 101 Mall Kandivali : Shopping, Entertainment, Home Decor & More!

I should probably be on the payroll of all the mall in Mumbai considering how much time I spend at all of them and take time to craft blog posts on all that we can enjoy there :P However, till that happens, I don't want to keep my friends and followers away from all the shopping, entertainment, lifestyle, events fun that all the malls offer nowadays so I will keep updating everything worthwhile from every mall I visit :D There is so much fun to be had at these places, no wonder they are always crowded!

Now I usually frequent High Street Phoenix Mills in Lower Parel or Phoenix Marketcity in Kurla purely because they are closer to my residence as well as office so I tend to unwind here on most days. But now and then I get out to meet my friends and obviously we end up in a mall, where we watch a movie, chill out at the food court, take part in various contests or activities and even shop away taking complete advantage of the season sale :) So I also end up going to malls really far away from my home such as Viviana Mall in Thane or Inorbit in Vashi as it is good to get out of one's comfort zone now and then :D So last week I ended up going to Growels 101 in Kandivali to meet a really old friend after a long longgggg time. Actually she had planned on coming to my home, but her 3 year old daughter was not willing to travel that far, so I decided to honor them with my presence near their home :D 

I had gone to Growels 101 mall a couple of years ago but it was a very brief visit. This time we spent almost 4 hours there and I got to admire its neo-classical architecture, the well planned outlets, the variety of brands available in a much relaxed way :) I love how quite a few modern mall have understood the importance of unique architecture and decor. Shopping malls need not look industrial or archaic and when one comes across beautiful decor like the one in Growels 101, it is really a warm feeling. The neo-classical architecture here is worth admiring. 

Like many other of my personal favorites, this mall also has quite a few entertainment options especially for kids. The colorful train and the panda ride managed to make my friend's daughter chuckle with delight. While I was busy capturing the colorful arches, the spectacular dome and more in my camera, she was having a fun ride around the mall and chuckling happily on spotting the British payphone box among other novelties :) 

What managed to impress me the most was the wide variety of home decor ideas we got here which was an unexpected goldmine since my friend is planning on re-decorating her home and she loves picking up unique funky stuff from flea markets (just like me! This is one of the reasons we are best friends!) and here we had a plethora of options in a flea market style at very reasonable prices. Masks, Wooden Antiques, Metal Statues, Colorful Knick-Knacks galore. Take a look here...

My friend says that she spends a lot of time here with her daughter on many evenings as they also conduct a variety of open street variety entertainment programs, cooking classes, magic shows, rangoli competitions and such from time to time. I am glad that I found out about a new place where the new age urban population can relax and rejuvenate :)

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