Friday 24 June 2016

Wok Express, Kemps Corner, Mumbai

Meeting a bunch of awesome food blogger friends for review, now that was something to look forward to after a long day at work and a tiring stint in the traffic :) Having been to its Churchgate outlet just a few days ago (where the Wok was truly horrible), I was looking forward to having some great Dimsums, Sushi and Bao but wary of trying out the Wok. Well, they surprised me here!


Minty Mojito, Pink Guava, Peach Iced Tea were the refreshing start off to our meet but the star was Millo-Tello which is basically dense Chocolate Milk, transporting us right to our childhood :D I would definitely also suggest Minty Mojito since it is instantly cooling,has good balance of mint,lemon and soda, and will appeal to everyone. Ofcourse all these came with those Boba balls which are not everyone's favorites (If you like gummy bears & sabudana,you might like them,otherwise not). 

Following these were some fantastic Crispy Veg Tempura Rolls which are hands down some of the best Sushi I have ever eaten (again,I am no gourmand and really don't know much about authenticity,but these are sooooo tasty being amazingly crispy, little sweetish :D) Be careful of the Wasabi they serve alongside (not only here but anywhere!), use it sparingly to bring out the taste of sushi and not liberally like our Indian chutneys or you are in for a world of spicy pain :D If you are like me and wanna have something unique, also go for Jalapeno Creamcheese Sushi,it has a wonderful kick of sweet & sour flavors playfully co-existing, again excellent Sushi :)

Chilli Paneer Bao, another one of my favorites made its entrance soon with soft chunks of Paneer, generous spicy mix and fresh fragrant bao. Yummy in the tummy. I was not ready to order any Wok here but a friend was courageous enough to try out something new- Rice in Thai Green Curry with veggies like broccoli, onions, zuccini and boy,was this the surprise of the evening! It tasted delicious, was served piping hot, veggies tasted fresh, flavors were spot on. Completely value for money too looking at the generous quantity :) Maybe the day I went to Churchgate outlet was an off day because of which I had got absolutely horrible wok with stale veggies and tofu. Anyway, here my non veggie friends loved their Chicken Wok, Chicken Bao too. Special thanks to the staff for letting us taste various wok sauces before zeroing down on which ones to select for our wok.

Service here is prompt and efficient, the place itself is not very spacious but hey, this is Mumbai with the infamous space crunch! It is good enough ambiance for walking in and chilling with friends. I also suppose a big chunk of customers here would want to indulge in home delivery option so the space makes sense that way :) Do not forget to get Hokey Pokey icecreams for dessert! We had Double Chocolate Therapy & Alphonso flavors which practically is heaven in a cup :D 

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