Monday 30 May 2016

Pizza From Box8, Mumbai

I have already tasted sandwiches, wraps and salads from Box 8 a number of times in past several months from various outlets and loved every single time whatever I ordered,such as HERE. Moreover,my colleagues and I have travelled through Mumbai for various conferences etc. and we have ended up ordering sandwiches from here often and even they have all liked them a lot :) I am not much into full fledged meals so those roti/rice combos still remain untested for me but recently I had the pleasure of trying out a pizza from here and they again surprised me pleasantly :) 

Now when it comes to pizzas, I am not a big fan of fat,soggy or chewy crusts and I love loads of toppings. I am particularly a fan of thin crust or wood-fired oven baked pizzas. But as anyone who reads my reviews knows, I am no gourmand and am happy with even a decent tasting dish :D So yeah,I am never looking for ekdum authentic Italian pizza or anything,just give me non-soggy,non-fatty,non-chewy,tasty stuff and I am sorted :) 

So I got Tandoori Paneer wrap, Garlic breadsticks and a large Everything Special Pizza from here as my sister and I were really hungry, this was supposed to be a heavy evening snack and then we were planning to make some pasta at home for dinner. Delivery was done within 40 minutes which was great, everything came in fresh and fragrant and the delivery guy was super polite :) I maintain that the wraps here are awesome, at least I always get good ones. Tandoori Paneer wrap had this generous stuffing of paneer with many veggies and an awesome combination of sauce (very reminiscent of Subway) and was enough to fill up a light eater like my mom :P She loved the crunch of the veggies and the mess of the sauce. I will not be eating this while on a journey as it really messes up the fingers and it is so delicious that I always end up making a mess like a 2 year old kid :P 

The garlic breadsticks were soft and came with a cheesy dip and quite value for money. Most of the time, a lot of salt is used on these breadsticks (my experience at domino's as well as pizza hut!) but here there wasn't thaaaat much salt used, however it could be a bit much for someone with high blood pressure. I guess that is a hazard for all fast food stuff. 

Finally,the pizza! It is huge and sufficed for complete dinner for my family of 3 that night :D And my sister and I are really heavy eaters. So just about Rs. 650 for a large pizza that is enough for a hearty dinner is quite good value for money. We went for this because it was difficult for my sister to choose one from many options (yup,she is really bad at making choices :P) and so we got this one that has our combined favorites of Mushrooms,olives, corn, onions, tomato and it was delicious. In fact, we had 2 slices and then went out for a bit and came back half an hour later and even though it became slightly cold, it was not rubbery at all. Score! I would have liked a bit more toppings which would make it a perfect 5 star dish for me but I am still going to sing its praises because I loved the base! It was not thin or crispy,rather it was just like focaccia bread! I love Focaccia bread and loved how it felt like I was having a pizza made out of it. There was this amazing fragrance of herbs in there which made this pizza not only look good but taste incredible too :) Rather innovative and deliciously so :) 

I am definitely keeping Box8 pizzas in my go-to-list-for-ordering-pizzas-in-mumbai now :)

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