Tuesday 21 June 2016

Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Normal & Dry Skin | Beauty Review

Oh that elusive search for the best moisturizer for my weird skin continues :D My skin is horribly dry except on my T-zone where it is normal, but then come the monsoons and it becomes dry everywhere, whereas in summers it tends to be oily on some days and normal on others. Add to that my hyper-sensitivity to most chemicals and most of the moisturizers lead to horrible acne or leave behind marks that refuse to fade away! So here we go again, trying to figure out if this one is good enough for me.

Ananda In The Himalayas is an award winning destination spa with its own exclusive brand offering products with pure and natural ingredients infused with our ancient wisdom. Ananda Spa Light Moisturiser for Normal & Dry Skin has Pure essential oils of Sandalwood and Rose as its major Ingredients along with Almond oil, Lemon extract, Yeast extract and some minimal preservatives. Packaging is elegant too and quite travel friendly, although I personally do not prefer anything in a jar. Claims include preventing early signs of ageing, cell renewal, smoothening fine lines, leaving skin soft, supple and rejuvenated. Quantity is decent enough to last a month if used a little everyday.

The major shocker comes in the form of Price of Rs. 1350 for 50 grams at Amazon ! Well, it is an exclusive product after all. I got this product in the form of a big gift hamper but otherwise I don't think it is very easily available.

When I started using it, its amazing soothing fragrance was what I loved the most. It lingers around for quite some time and definitely gives that spa-like feeling :) BUT, the main problem was the texture of the cream. While it was cool to touch and light-weight too, when I applied it to my face, it became horribly oily after some time and I had to wash it off. It made me actually fear the return of acne so I gave it to my mom who also complained of the same thing. Finally,we ended up using it on our hands and loving it :D I found the formulation a bit off, it was light for the dry skin on our hands but oily for the normal skin on my mom's face as well as weird,sensitive,combination skin on my face too! Thank goodness there was no reaction and no acne did appear. I don't know how many of those claims it can fulfill, seems like a good light moisturizer for skin that is much much drier than mine!

  • Exclusive Spa Brand, from award winning destination spa Ananda
  • Pure ingredients
  • Natural formulation
  • Travel-friendly packaging
  • Divine smell
  • Not greasy on dry hands
  • No reaction on my super sensitive skin
  • No acne outbreak thankfully!
  • Made my weird, sensitive, combination skin oily, same with my mom's mature, normal skin
  • Fragrance lingers around for a long time, not sure if it is natural or added fragrance
  • Too expensive
  • Not easily available
Recommended - No! Unless one has really dry skin (think Sahara desert and multiply it by 10) or too much money to spend. Rating is 2.5/5 from both me & mom.

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