Friday 25 September 2015

Biotique Bio Musk Root Fresh Growth Nourishing Treatment Review

I have used many Biotique products over the years and mostly,they have been winners but somehow I keep falling out of love with them and then re-discover it sometime later and the circle continues in this weird relationship of ours :D This hair treatment pack is something I had used almost 5 years earlier and quite liked it but then somehow stopped using it, and remembered it again when I was searching for remedies for my hair damaged by Jaundice last year.

Biotique was,I think, one of the first brands in India to promote pure, natural, botanical approach to beauty instead of relying on just a chemical cocktail (that most world-famous brands provide!). And so Biotique is quite easily available offline as well as online. I bought this from Flipkart in about Rs. 600 for 900 gms. Seems expensive but Biotique products always seem to deserve it as they have some really effective ingredients for every beauty problem of ours :)


Packaging is sturdy and good for travel too,in my opinion, even though I did not really travel anywhere with it. Claims that it would nourish the hair and scalp, lead to new hair growth, make hair darker, smoother, shinier and healthier. Ingredients include Musk Root and Bael extracts, Liquorice, Nutmeg,Jatamansi and Neem -a treasure of great Ayurvedic miracle workers!


The texture is the weirdest as it looks like Chyawanprash :D It is actually very thick and needs to be liberally mixed with yoghurt (or egg) to make it spread easily on scalp and hair. The quantity is enough to last for 5-6 washes on shoulder length, thick head of hair. It also smells of a mixture of all the herbs that are present in it, not bad at all, not very strong either. The only bothersome thing is,it is messy to apply and then to wait for half an hour after that it little annoying :D But then,we have to sacrifice something to get something na? I have only ever managed to leave it on for 15 minutes before washing it off. It stains my fingernails black too and so I recommend using gloves while applying it. It does not make my hair softer or detangles it much,BUT it does make it shinier and darker! I have noticed no new hair growth but it miraculously helped me with hairfall.

  • Pure and natural
  • Makes hair darker, a little healthier, shinier
  • Hairfall is reduced drastically
  • Easily available. Buy it from Flipkart or Amazon

  • Did not detangle my hair or make it smooth
  • Did not find any new hair growth either but that might take some months, miracles don’t happen overnight
  • Cumbersome process to apply and wait for half hour :P Creates a mess in the bathroom :P Lazy bums will not like it AND it looks like Chyawanprash :P
  • Expensive, but quality is good,so I am not very adamant on this being a bad point :D

RECOMMENDED-YES. I would say everyone should try this once and see the effects for themselves. My rating is 3.75 on 5 and I will definitely repurchase it sometime soon :)

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