Wednesday 30 September 2015

VLCC Indian Berberry Face Scrub Review

One of my most favorite scrubs ever, that I keep buying again and again. Over the years however my skin has become a bit more sensitive and now I have turned towards gentler scrubs but this still remains a fond product :)

A college friend of mine has done beautician's course and keeps recommending products to me now and then, this one was her first recommendation to me about 3-4 years ago. I loved Everyuth Apricot Scrub and Himalaya Walnut Scrub back then, she asked me to try this one and it became one of my favorites soon after!

Over the years, I have bought it from Flipkart for about Rs. 200 for 80 gms as well as from Big Bazaar and other supermarket stores too. VLCC is a reputed brand for beauty products (and slimming solutions, but I have not tried that :P) The products are based on natural ingredients and this scrub is no different. It Claims to 'naturally exfoliate and refresh the skin, remove blackheads and give a porcelain clear complexion'. Ingredients list include Indian Berberry, Mango seed powder, Banana pulp, Kaolin Clay,Zinc Oxide and such items that really have a host of benefit when it comes to cleansing, exfoliating, nourishing and protecting our skin. Packaging is very sturdy and travel friendly. Quantity is enough to last 2 months easily even on using twice a week on face as only a little is needed.


I really like to have gritty,granular scrubs that give me the satisfaction of scrubbing vigorously and taking out deep seated dirt that gets in with all the pollution of living in this big city. On that count alone,this scrub is a winner. The granules are gritty and grainy but not very abrasive by themselves, though sensitive skin must take care to not use too much pressure while applying it or the skin will get scratched! What I do is apply like a face mask for 5 minutes and then softly scrub it and wash off. It immediately gives a soft,clean feeling to my skin and a glow that lasts for at least a day. It works on blackheads too,but not miraculously, a bit of patience is needed :D

  • Gritty,Grainy granules to scrub away and reveal soft skin
  • Skin is smooth, it really opens up the pores and cleans them
  • Leaves my skin feeling moisturized and pampered
  • Gives good facial-like glow that lasts for 24-30 hours
  • A little is needed each time and lasts a long time
  • Not only face, perfect to use on elbows, back of the neck, knees and ankles too to soften them!
  • Very value for money considering the quality
  • Pleasant fragrance that lingers for some time
  • Easily available online on Flipkart, Amazon and offline at most stores
  • Sensitive skin people should not use it to scrub vigorously or it will lead to read patches and cuts on skin!
  • Blackheads is not removed magically :P Takes time and patience
  • No ‘porcelain complexion’ is achieved, but it is a very good scrub and a favourite of many for good reason :)

Recommended –YESOne of the best scrubs and budget beauty buys ever. It is perfect for all skin types too, unless you have extremely sensitive skin (like I am having nowadays!) Rating is 4.5/5

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