Friday 25 September 2015

Aaranyaa Hair Spa Argan Oil Hair Pack Review

I had such beautiful hair when I was a child, and now *sob sob*

I think this is the story of every person nowadays, the modern lifestyle has robbed us of little pleasures in life,including our crowning glory!

So,like every person out there I am also searching for ways to regain and protect that lush head of hair. Hair spa is what everyone recommends but come on,I am not Bollywood Actress who can spend every week in a premium salon getting high-end treatments to look like a million bucks :P I can’t have a 1000 bucks hair spa every week and my hair is so dry and damaged (especially since I had Jaundice last year) that having a hair spa once a month makes almost no difference. Well, I have been oiling my hair and started using natural shampoos. Now I have also found a few good natural conditioners and this Aaranyaa hair spa has been my best discovery when it comes to hair mask!

Got it from Flipkart in Rs. 445 for 250 ml. It is quite expensive but wait till you see the results (and we all know that Argan Oil is expensive)! Comes in a nice tub which could be travel friendly too. Claims that it is a blend of Argan oil with traditional Indian herbs that is a boon for dry,damaged hair and makes them soft,nourished,strong,shiny. Ingredients list does have an impressive inclusion of Shikakai, Green Tea, Amla, Bhringraj and Vitamin E along with the world-famous Argan Oil. There are a few chemicals too but they can be overlooked :P


The texture is very thick and creamy just like all those Loreal/ Wella and other big brands’ hair spa creams. A little goes a long way and it lasts easily for 8-10 washes on shoulder length,thick hair. Now it says to use it on hair AND scalp, but I have this persistent problem of light dandruff and so I do not use ANY PRODUCT on my scalp ever! I just apply this on my hair and leave it for 10 minutes and wash it off. It gives a slippery feeling and instantly detangles hair. On air drying hair, it does become as soft as a ‘feather’ (as they claim :P) and shiny (again,as they claim). Additionally, I found less hairfall within 3 uses and the effect lasts for a good 2 days which is truly a boon for hair as dry and damaged as mine! In fact,this is the only product that made a friend of my sister’s exclaim, ‘Didi have you got any treatment done for your hair? It is looking fabulous! What are you using?!’ After getting a compliment like this,nothing else needs to be said na? :) In fact,this is only by leaving it on hair for 10 minutes.Now I am going to leave it for at least 20-25 minutes to see if the results get even better :D

  • Perfect hair spa at home-gives the same results as an expensive spa at salon,at 1/10th the price!
  • Gives us a world-famous ingredient like Argan Oil in such value for money product,nothing beats that! Add to that ingredients like Amla, Bhringraj, Shikakai etc. and it is a must have.
  • Lasts for 8-10 washes as very little quantity is needed every time
  • Claims are 100% correct-gives soft,shiny,strong hair
  • Get ready for compliments from strangers :D

  • Presence of some chemicals-in my opinion, this much is essential and we can’t do anything about it :)
  • Availability-I have not seen it in Big Bazaar or anywhere. Get it from Flipkart or Amazon.

RECOMMENDED- YES,YES,YES. The BEST hair pack I have used and will continue to use. Rating is 4.75/5 (only because it has certain chemicals in the ingredients list :P)

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