Wednesday 30 September 2015

Prakriti Herbals Papaya Aloe Vera Olive Oil Conditioning Hair Mask Review

Hair today, Gone tomorrow *Shudder* This IS my biggest nightmare. 

Okay Okay you got me, my biggest nightmare is actually starving to death :P

BUT this one comes pretty close!

Add to it the fact that the older I get,the lesser the hair on my scalp seems to get. Some kind of weird inversely proportional thing going on here! Me not likey it I try to take as much care of my tresses as possible. Oil it, shampoo it, condition it, nurture it..well, so far I have only managed to keep it intact in its dry, husky state of existence and not get it any worse but ever since my Jaundice bout last year,I have started taking extra care to make up for all the damage that it had to go through.

Yeah, so I have used a ton of products that have promised exemplary results in repairing and nourishing hair as dry and damaged as mine. Some have been good,some not so good, let's see how has this one been :)

Got it at Flipkart  for Rs. 250 for 120 ml. Seemed quite steep but I have made my peace with the fact that natural, organic, chemicals-free stuff comes at a steeper price point. And some of my friends had been singing praises of Prakriti Herbals brand for providing really awesome products,so had to try this out :) Fair enough.

 It Claims 'Get a hair spa at home and soften your dry damaged frizzy hair with a ready to use excellent conditioning and softening Papaya aloevera olive oil hairmask made from fresh papaya pulp, aloevera gel, herbal hair oil and olive oil.' Ingredients are pure natural,no chemicals or preservatives (because of which it is supposed to be refrigerated and used within a month!) and it is not tested on animals either,hurray :)

Quantity is enough for just 4 washes, for thick,shoulder-length hair like mine. The texture is not at all creamy like most conditioners or hair masks are and is actually liquid-y,just like pulp of papaya mixed with aloe vera would really feel like if we made it at home. It has a weird smell too-not bad, but quite strong. Not chemical-y at all. I have a very sensitive nose which did not like the smell a lot, but I sat through it just because I am desperate to use anything on my hair as long as it works! I think the combination of papaya with olive oil might have led to that :P

It is supposed to be kept on hair for 20 minutes to nourish it and then washed off. But since I hated the smell as well as the liquid-y texture is not my favorite,I kept it only for 10 minutes or so. Also, my hair is too dry so it dried up quickly and I had to wrestle a bit to take it off. At first,I did not think it did any good to my hair at all. But after using it 2 times, I found that my hairfall decreased a bit. It also became a little easier to comb after my hair dried. BUT it did not really miraculously soften my hair or made it more manageable in general or nourish it. I think it might work on someone whose hair is less dry and dehydrated than mine as my hair needs something really creamy and deeply nourishing. What I would really give full marks to is that it is truly purely natural and does not harm hair in any way.

  • 100% Natural, NO chemicals, NO preservatives, NOT tested on animals :)
  • Softens hair a little bit,makes it easier to comb
  • No side effects
  • Can be used on colored, permed or otherwise chemically treated hair too
  • Available easily on Flipkart , Amazon etc.
  • Quantity is enough for 4 washes for thick hair,maybe go for 6-7 washes for thin hair
  • Not very useful for extremely dry hair like mine
  • Does not have a creamy texture which is what helps lock in moisture when we get hair spa done
  • Very strong smell, maybe unbearable for very sensitive noses

Recommended- I would not buy it again, BUT I would advise you to try it once if you do not have unbearably dry hair like mine and you want to support a brand that is trying to promote natural beauty :) My personal rating is 2.5/5.

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