Friday 25 September 2015

Just Herbs Silksplash Neem-Orange Rehydrant Face Wash Review

After using Just Herbs Sanface Face Pack sometime last year,I was intrigued to try more of Just Herbs products and this is my MOST FAVORITE one from the haul :) It is actually one of my most favourite face washes ever! I am not big on face wash and would actually use a mixture of haldi+besan or haldi+chandan to scrub away at the end of a tiring day. But with passage of time, that ritual has become little cumbersome :D Also, in past couple of years my skin has become more sensitive and more prone to problems like Blackheads, Whiteheads, Clogged Pores, unexpected Pimples, Acne Marks and what not. It could be stress, it could be the back to back bout of Jaundice that I had which lasted for a year! In any case,I am now extra careful about what I use on my face.

Just Herbs gives ‘Pure,Bespoke,Ayurvedic’ remedies to all skin problems and I got this from Flipkart for Rs 325 for 100 ml. It is very value for money and lasts a long time.

I like the packaging of Just Herbs where we can see the amount of product left behind. Quantity is very good and this lasted me 2 months even on using every single day! But I do not think this particular pack is very travel friendly. I could be wrong though,I did not travel with it anywhere :D


Claims to deeply cleanse and give a sheen on face, Ingredients list is very impressive and choc-a-bloc with sandalwood water, orange blossom water, neem extract, bitter orange peel, aloe vera leaf juice, Honey, Calendula, Cucumber and so on. Certified Organic, NO Parabens or Sulphates, Not tested on animals. Wow :)


In the beginning I was worried since I have such problematic skin. If I use something for dry skin,it gives me pimples :( If I use something for oily skin,it sucks out all the moisture from my face and leaves it feeling like Sahara Desert :( Also, it is so sensitive that I often get red rashes and angry eruptions on my cheeks on using anything new. It is a nightmare for me to find anything that works perfectly on my face. So obviously,I had no idea how this one will be. Reading about neem,orange in ingredients list,I thought it might be ultra drying for my skin. BUT when I used it,I was pleasantly surprised! Yes,it is a cleanser and YES,I do think that it is best for oily skin but it did not suck out all the moisture from my skin. It cleanses while keeping some moisture intact,I have no idea how it does so. I do have to follow up by using a moisturizer but that I have to do no matter what I use :D The important thing is,the results of Just Herbs Silksplash are visible from first time use only. It cleanses deeply, nourishes, cools down pimples, works on acne marks and I visibly saw my acne marks lightening within a week! This has NOT happened with any other product (except Forest Essentials Ubtans :D) AND there is a glow on my face too. My skin feels healthy and plump. What more could I want :)

Just to show you how effective Silksplash is on old acne marks & blemishes, above is the pic of my left cheek AFTER using it for a week. A week ago,this whole area was covered with angry red marks which I got due to Jaundice last year :( Just 1 week of using Silksplash & I could see 75% reduction,couldn't help but click a pic :D

  • 100% true claims
  • Perfect for sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, oily skin-and would NOT strip off moisture even from dry skin!
  • Pure,Organic, Ayurvedic ingredients that really work from first use only
  • Works potently to make pimples and even old acne marks disappear within weeks!
  • Makes skin healthy, feel plump, soft, clean, refreshed, smooth
  • Takes care of clogged pores, eruptions too

  • Nothing except Just Herbs products are made fresh in batches and are often unavailable :P Buy them from Flipkart or Amazon as soon as they are available :D

RECOMMENDED-YES! This is one of the only two face washes I ever use (the other one is Himalaya Neem Face Wash) and I will continue to use them till the end of time. Rating is 5/5

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