Wednesday 30 September 2015

Ayur Anti-Sun Tan Face Pack Review

One of the most classic beauty products I have been using for over a decade!

Till Class 10th,I was actually not at all into beauty or anything :D The maximum I would do is wash my face and put on some dreamflower talc :D Oh,also mom used to put a litre of oil on my hair every second day! It was only after I went to High School that I started putting some efforts into all this beauty thingy :D That too only because I had to travel 2 hours everyday to and fro the high school and I am very allergic to pollution and dirt. So that is when I started searching for and started using some scrubs, face packs etc. Ayur was actually the first brand I was introduced to,by my mom  :) She had been using Ayur cleansing milk, rose toner and aloe vera cream since forever. In fact,once or twice I had been to some beauty parlors with her and there also they used some Ayur products,so I knew that it has been a trustworthy brand for years. I chose Ayur Sandal Face Pack and Ayur Anti-Sun Tan Face Pack for starters and they became my staple for next decade! I LOVE these 2 so much. Sadly, now the company that makes Ayur has probably shut down and these are no longer available :( But still, on a hope that someday I might get these back..okay,here goes the review.

I used to buy them from Big Bazaar for a long time. In past 2 years,I also bought them from Flipkart and Amazon now and then. Sadly enough, some other Ayur products are available in the market but the face packs seem to have vanished now. And now I have got Forest Essentials Ubtan to replace these :D

Extremely value for money,these have been available for Rs. 35-40 per packet that easily lasts 15 days even if used everyday,generously. Claims include cleansing, toning the skin and nourishing/ softening it plus removing the tan. There are no big ‘miracle’ claims which is perfect. Ingredients include Multani Mitti as base + Turmeric + Pudina + Starch (God knows why and what is that :D) and in sandalwood face pack, also sandalwood powder :D It is all natural, available in powder form which needs to be mixed with rose water/ milk/ curd and make a paste to apply on face.


Packaging is a standard sachet which needs to be transferred into an air tight container for proper storage. The whole process might seem a bit messy and cumbersome for someone but honestly, this much has to be done for good skin :P Our dadi and nani used to do just this,right? They would make all these pastes in their kitchen using ingredients like haldi and besan and mulethi and multani mitti and without any cosmetics,they used to glow! So I am fine with this much work.

For years, I used only Ayur Face Packs everyday and my skin has always been clean, moisturized, glowing, no blemishes, no problems at all! My body has a lot of heat and I always have the danger of small pimples erupting without any warning but Ayur Face Packs (both Sandal PLUS Anti Sun-Tan) have always kept my face cool. Even when I have pimples, I have used them to cool down and shrink the pimples. I have never had any reaction or breakouts on using these face packs and in fact,sometimes when I have tried to switch over some new brand,I have invariably gotten some pimples so I have always come back to Ayur! I honestly have not found a better face pack brand (except Forest Essentials very recently :D)

  • Pure, No chemicals, No adverse reactions on my ultra-sensitive skin
  • Completely fulfils all the claims. No miracles, but makes skin moisturized, clean, soft, glowing
  • Keeps skin problems away for long term
  • Perfect for Sensitive, dry, dehydrated, Problematic, Acne-Prone skin! It is PERFECT for ALL KINDS OF SKIN *Happy Dance*
  • Shrinks the pimples, cools down skin
  • It is All-In-One for me-> Cleanser, Toner, Face Mask, Nourisher :)
  • Leads to brightening and little ‘fairness’ over the years (very slow but permanent results!)
  • Truly takes care of tanning and other side-effects of pollution
  • Most value for money, lasts for a long time
  • Effective as face pack PLUS as body ubtan too :D Just mix with Yoghurt and scrub all over the body. Instant soft skin!

NOTHING! Except that I have no idea why these are no longer available anywhere :( Somebody says they have shut down,but nobody has any concrete idea.

Recommended- YES! Rating is 5/5. If these come back in the market,I will buy enough to stock for next 50 years :D

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