Wednesday 30 September 2015

Just Herbs Sanface Sandal Glow Pack Review

Ever since my favourite Ayur face packs went out of market (about 2 years ago), I have been searching for new ones to replace them. I won this product in a contest and it actually led me to learn more about Just Herbs and use their other products too! On social media,a lot of people had been going ga-ga over this brand and how natural and effective their products are. I am glad I got a chance to try them out too!

These products are available on their website as well as on Flipkart, Amazon etc. I have always bought my Just Herbs products from Flipkart. This is available for about Rs. 375 for 150 gms.

Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly too. It is simple and functional. Nothing fancy and that is good-we get to see how much product is still left inside. Quantity is very good and it lasted me nearly a month even when I used it liberally every 2nd day! Claims include Skin tightening and Glow obviously. Ingredients are impressive and contain Fennel, Vetiver, Sandalwood powder, Sandalwood oil, China clay, Aloe Vera leaf juice and so on. All Just Herbs products are based on Ayurveda, certified Organic, completely devoid of chemicals, contain pure effective ingredients, pure vegetarian, not tested on animals! Wow :)


I simply mixed it with a little bit of yoghurt to make it little more liquid-y and covered my face in it. It dries up in about 10 minutes and then I would splash cold water on it and massage a bit. It gave a little stretchy feeling afterwards but nothing that can’t be solved by putting a little bit of moisturizer. The fragrance of sandalwood is divine! Gives instant tightening and glow. I would say this is perfect for oily skin people. It also shrank some little pimples I had,so extra points for that.

  • Pure,Natural,Organic, Ayurvedic!
  • No side effects or allergy observed on my super-sensitive skin
  • Cools skin, calms down angry pimples and eruptions
  • Amazing fragrance, pure sandal comes through which is divine!
  • Gives skin tightening, softening and glowing effect that lasts for at least 24 hours-so 100% performs every claim that it makes!
  • Good quantity which makes it value for money

  • Gives a little stretchy feeling on dry skin, it is better for oily skin-I think all sandalwood products are, right? :)
  • Availability seems to be an issue with many Just Herbs products,I think it is because they are freshly made in batches which seem to get over soon-just another testament to how good these products really are! Buy it at Flipkart or Amazon :)

Recommended- YES! I would give a rating of 3.75/5 and for oily skin,I think it would be perfect. I am using other Just Herbs products and they are all great! This is one brand that is here to stay for a long time.

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