Thursday, 14 May 2020

Votre Multi Vitamin Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask Review | Luxury Vegan Ayurveda | Beauty Review

Votre is a luxury brand I often saw on Nykaa, Amazon, and even tried the much-raved Votre Face Serum some years ago and quite liked it. But since I have very sensitive and problematic skin, I do not prefer to invest in expensive products before trying them out and confirming that they don't give any allergies to me. So it was perfect when I saw Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask 30 gms sample on Smytten, I could first try it out and see if it suits me.

Packaging of Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask is simple and elegant, a curved little plastic tub with secure lid. Votre has sublime packaging and design.

Ingredients list is full of tempting ones like Avocado, Papaya, Strawberry, Sweet Orange, Pomegranate, White Clay, Fullers Earth. Basically it is similar to a fruit pack with clay.

Claims to provide essential vitamins, hydration to the skin, repair it, keep it smooth and irritation-free.

Availability of Votre Multi Vitamin & Rejuvenating Whipped Clay Mask is easy on all online sites such as Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten, Flipkart and pricing is on luxurious side with 50 gm retailing for around Rs. 800.

Quantity of this 30 gm sample from Smytten was enough for 8 uses on my big face :D

Usage - Take required quantity in spatula or spoon, apply all over face and neck, let it dry or semi-dry and wash off. For cold weather or dry skin, wash after 5-10 minutes and apply moisturizer.

Effect - As I have used many other clay masks, I know many of them can be very drying for skin as clays deep cleanse the skin and take out all the oil from the pores. For very oily skin, it may be a blessing but for dry skin, or combination skin, or dry weather, it can be very drying and may lead to redness, rashes, inflammation too. It can be very severe for sensitive skin. 

That is why when I saw 'whipped clay' I wanted to try it because it gave the impression of being fluffly, creamy, and not drying like normal clay masks. And as per my expectation, it is a creamy-textured mask. I cleansed my face and applied it all over in a thin layer and let it semi-dry. It did not feel stretchy dry at all and left my skin smooth, clean, hydrated when I washed it off. 

The first time I applied it, I let it dry completely because of which I saw little red blotches on my cheeks and then I realized my mistake. Then onwards I only let it semi-dry, never completely dry. And my skin always feels extremely soft, extremely smooth, and extremely bright after I rinse it off. It takes a little bit of effort while rinsing off, but that is true for most clay masks. As per general rule, it is important to always follow up with a good moisturizer. Overall, it is a winning product for me :)

  • Vegan, Natural, Organic, Ayurvedic ingredients
  • Leaves skin soft, smooth, hydrated
  • Creamy texture, good for skin that does not tolerate normal stretchy clay texture
  • Available on Amazon, Nykaa, Smytten etc.
  • Expensive
  • If you let it dry completely, super-sensitive skin may get redness or rashes

Recommended -YES. A good face mask with great effect on all skin types. Rating is 4.5/5.

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