Monday 30 November 2015

Patanjali Aloevera Gel Review

Yes, it is Baba Ramdev's Patanjali Aloevera Gel!
Yes, Yes, Yes!
Am I a Baba Ramdev follower? Am I trying to influence you to become his follower too?
No, No, No!

Had to get that out of the way,because somehow,anything seems to offend some people nowadays and some people are always politicizing every issue. This is just a review of a beauty product that happens to belong to Patanjali brand, which by the way, has quite a few great products that I personally know to have benefited a lot of people, but again, let us not get into any kind of politics here :)

So, we all know how awesome Aloe Vera is,right? It has been called nectar for being so useful internally as well as externally. We can drink Aloe Vera juice and it has plethora of benefits for our digestive system while Aloe Vera gel when applied on our skin or head scalp gives us glowing skin, heals cuts and blemishes, fight with pigmentation, acne, dandruff and so on and so forth :) I think Patanjali Aloevera Gel was the first one that I started using and in fact, Patanajali was instrumental in raising masses' awareness to its benefits (as far as I remember). So one fine day,my dad brought me this tube of goodness and I started using it.

As everyone knows by now, my skin is completely weird. Dry and acne prone and dehydrated and sensitive and blah blah. So it takes a lot for me to take that leap of faith and use anything new. But Patanjali Aloevera Gel really made me happy and has become one of my staples now. It is quite easily available in any Patanjali store, I think they are now even distributing through Big Bazaar stores,plus can be easily bought online from Amazon or Flipkart :) It costs a very reasonable around Rs. 75 for 150 ml.

Claims to increase beauty,enhance complexion and fight blemishes/spots/pigmentation. Ingredients is natural aloevera gel with some added color,fragrance and preservative (very small quantity). Packaging is excellent, I have traveled with this tube and it shuts absolutely sturdily,no spillage at all :) Quantity is great for the price as it easily lasts a month even on applying on face twice a day!

The first time I used it,I had no idea how much to use. So I lathered on a lot and it became a sort of face mask,very gooey at the beginning and then sticky after a while,so I washed it out and then my skin turned all soft yet very dry. With regular usage,I have understood that it can be used in many ways. I have used it as a cleanser - on days when I am at home only,not exposed to too much pollutants and just want to freshen up, this is perfect to give an instant freshness :) Then, as a face mask it is great provided that I immediately follow it up with a moisturizer,as the softness it provides is retained for a longer time :) And,finally,just a tiny layer of this gel applied at night half hour before sleeping works wonderfully as a night moisturizer and I wake up with fresh,soft,glowing skin :) I also used it on my sister's face and she has ultra oily skin, this gel completely soaked up all the oil and also soothed her pimples. There are no miracles BUT there are visible results within a week of using it. My sister had a lot of acne marks on her hands & back and I regularly applied this gel half hour before bedtime for 15 days and those marks reduced by 30%. I consider this nothing short of a miracle :) There have been NO outbreaks/rashes on my sensitive skin which makes me happy that the majority of this product is natural and even the preservatives are okay. The best part is the instant cooling sensation that one gets on using it. I would only ask all the dry skinned people to mix and use it with a moisturizer since it is better for oily & combination skin. Otherwise,I would say that this is one of the best products to be used not for cosmetic purpose but for general upkeep and healing of skin. That is why I always have a tube lying around at home :)

  • Complete value for money
  • Easily available,buy it from Flipkart or Amazon 
  • Natural Ayurvedic goodness, no adverse reaction on my ultra sensitive skin
  • Perfect for combination and oily skins, not bad for dry skin either
  • Truly works on pigmentation, acne spots, blemishes, does everything it promises
  • Regular use gives glowing,soft skin
  • Works beautifully as a night moisturizer, is truly multi-purpose
  • That cooling sensation is brilliant,especially on eyes, after a hard day's work :)
  • Absolutely miraculous on old acne spots,with regular usage :)
  • Dry skinned people need to follow up with a moisturizer
  • Some preservatives and color is added, not 100% natural (though I find it perfectly safe to use)
  • Some people have an allergy to the name of 'Baba Ramdev' and 'Patanjali' which frankly is just ridiculous! It is a great product which must be used by everyone :)

RECOMMENDED-YES! It is not another cosmetic product but a truly multi-purpose skincare tool. I would rate it 4.75/5 :)

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