Tuesday 17 May 2016

Zoobar, Vile Parle West, Mumbai

Man is a social animal. 
And probably the only animal that cages other animals for entertainment purposes! This is one concept I have never understood,honestly. I totally get the food chain & evolution logic but seriously,why O why must any animal be caged or tortured for any purpose, That too by humans who pride ourselves on being the most intelligent beings with conscience? This is why Zoobar becomes extra special as the concern for animals is evident in everything here,right from the ambiance and I am giving many extra points to them for that. Add to that, they give a portion of their earnings to charities involved in animal welfare, thank you good peoples :)

There is a wildness in everything here,but it is filled with so much kindness and the good kind of crazy. Absolutely love the wall art, the funkiness inherent in them, the animal statues and posters, puns like 'Be Paw-sitive' adorning the walls which enter straight away into the heart :D Very spacious indoor seating with a little wild and gothic outdoors option too! There are cages and lanterns and such knick- knacks all over, again stealing hearts over and over. AND there is a lovely book section. Read & Enjoy. What more could one want? Can you tell I am swooning over all of them already? :P Walk inside and there are huge LCD screens to keep up to date with various sports events and a breathtaking bar area with plethora of cocktails & mocktails options. All this at a stone's throw away from Vile Parle station, so more than full marks for location & ambiance. My sister got some stunning pics, check them all out at Prachi Shailendra Photography :)

Last Saturday, I had the privilege of joining some master bloggers and super foodies (all of whom I have admired for such a long time) to taste the breakfast menu. Oh,what a privilege and what a feast! Starting the binge on a healthy note was ABC juice, i.e. plain & simple Apple-Beetroot-Carrot concoction, with absolutely nothing artificial about it. Such a cleanse this was on an empty stomach. No sugar, no frills, full of nutrients, I can have this all day long :) There were creamy chocolate milkshakes and coffees with ice cream/ hot coffee and masala chai also on offer which were appreciated all around. It is clear how only most quality ingredients are used for everything here. 

Just when I could stop swooning over the healthy drinks, the breakfast spread made its entrance and we noshed on Bread with Mango,Orange & Mixed Fruit Jams, Cheese Mushrooms on Toast, Baked Beans with Bread, Potato Rosti & Grilled Tomatoes, Fruits Platter with Yogurt Dips and Waffles + Pancakes combo with Honey, Maple syrup and Chocolates. Does it all sound delicious? It tastes even better :D The mushrooms were flavorful and a complete meal in themselves, breads were warm and soft, Potato Rosti was the star dish -little spheres of delight we couldn't get enough of and Waffles made us all shut up and thank the Gods of food :) Also, I sort of polished off all the chocolate sauce on my own (yummmmmy,so dark and dense), so I think an apology is in order for my table-mates :D I loved the Baked Beans too though it was a bit on the sweetish side which is fine with me but maybe not for many other people. Also, this was purely a continental/ contemporary/ urban breakfast spread while many people would love to have more Indian options. This little nitpicking aside, I loved how their breakfast spread has proper amount of carbs, proteins, fats and other nutrients with bread, beans, cheese, fresh rocket leaves, fresh juices and more on offer. The non-veggies had many eggs options too which they loved a lot.

Overall, it turned out to be a brilliant start to a lazy Saturday evening with so much delicious food, heart warming company and hilarious conversations, ZooBar definitely has got its heart in the right place! More power to them :) I cannot wait to go back and taste their burgers, sandwiches and everything else they have to offer.

All Pictures Credit: Prachi Shailendra Photography :)

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