Sunday 15 May 2016

Rajdhani Thali Restaurant, Kurla Phoenix Marketcity Mall, Mumbai

By now I am sure everybody knows about Rajdhani Thali :) Delicious Pure Vegetarian food to be stuffed with till one can take no more. This outlet is in the mega mall Phoenix Marketcity bang in the middle of the food court at the top. The service is pretty standard across all Rajdhani outlets with the staff treating you like a family member and making sure you put on 10 kgs extra in body weight just by having lunch/dinner here :P Ambiance is very family friendly and noisy, this is one of those places that are almost always full and need no introduction. 

The thali is huge with a wide variety of items and people with tiny appetites will probably fill full just by looking at it :P There are starters like cutlets and dhoklas which I always find to be the best items on the thali,better than the main course (not to say that main course is bad!) while main course has 2-3 vegetables such as Potato curry, Fried Ladyfingers, Cottage Cheese in sweetish gravy along with Dal, Kadhi, Phulkas, Puris, Steamed/Jeera rice, Khichdi and there is always something like moong dal halwa and malpuas/jalebis for dessert (my second favorite after starters). Food is delicious but also very oily, in fact I think that the main course vegetables are oilier than normal and am not a big fan. Rice and Khichdi are good and go well with dal/kadhi. It is not a place for health conscious people for sure but it has that fulfilling quality that one gets on usually having food cooked in desi ghee :D 

Last time I was here (just about a week ago), we also had Aamras which was delicious. A nice place for lovely vegetarian family lunch/dinner. Best part is going here on Tuesdays means having a Thali at Rs. 250 only. 

The only reason I am not giving them high rating despite my family loving the thali is a little thing that happened the last time I was here. We loved the thali, the service, the food, everything was fine EXCEPT 10 minutes into our lunch,one staff member roamed around with a bevy of drinks (Mango Lassi and refreshing Kairi) and asked us which we would prefer. I got a Kairi while my mom and sister had the Mango Lassi. No doubt both tasted amazing BUT when the bill came, we realized that this was charged OVER and ABOVE the thali price. A simple word while serving it would be nice instead of being so hush-hush about it! I think the family sitting behind us was also not happy with this and we could hear them arguing with the manager about it (Well, they were leaving just as we were sitting so I am not 100% sure what they were arguing about but later when I got the bill, I did my 2+2=4 :P) 

No worries,it was not expensive but it is not about how much it costs,rather about how it was served, without telling us that it was not part of the thali! Apart from this little incident, everything else was fine and we had a good time stuffing ourselves. Also, all the food here is on the sweeter side which is fine with me since I have a sweet jaw, but everyone else, you are hereby warned :P You will crave for something spicy so be prepared before hand!

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