Friday 27 May 2016

Home Decor Ideas & More From JW Marriott Juhu Mumbai

Beauty in everything and everywhere. As someone who ardently believes in of Unicorns, Santa Claus and Fairies, I spend a large amount of my time appreciating beauty in myriad forms. In fact,my friends and family have repeatedly told me to get my woozy head checked because they find it frustrating how I can walk in any place and get mesmerized by a painting, sculpture, poster or even the arrangement of cutlery and flowers in a restaurant. Maybe there is something wrong in my head,maybe not, who cares :D All I know is I love capturing unique, creative, artsy stuff. 

So here is a glimpse of some of what enamored me at JW Marriott Juhu Mumbai when we attended Indiblogger Quaker Bowl Meet there :) There is some quirky art, some beautiful paintings and sculpture not to mention the glorious colors all around, it is all really regal and I reckon they also give fantastic home decor ideas. 

Incorporate some of this and watch how any room sparkles with these creative and contemporary decor items such as a vase or funky painted bottles or vibrant pottery or antique lamps. Or just plan the interior decor with these golden hues, I love them! 

I love walking into legendary hotels and discovering unique art pieces or art decor ideas everywhere from the lobby to the washrooms. Funnily enough I don't see many people stopping to admire it all. What is the rush peoples? Slow down, appreciate the good things around you, spread the word, share it all, enjoy :)

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