Saturday 7 May 2016

Fun Always On With Vodafone U : A Lifestyle Proposition for Youth

What is the leading cause of heart attacks today?

I know a lot of people would reply with reasons like 'high stress', 'less sleep', 'junk food' etc.

Actually, it is the 'empty battery' or 'data pack completely used' messages that flash on our smartphones :D

I should have specified that this is a question for the youth of today :)

Seriously, just look around. Every single person is glued to their smartphone. We simply cannot imagine our lives without these little packets of communication & technology in our hands and the 100s of apps therein (whether we use them or not is a different matter). And when we look at the teenagers & college-goers population, well we all know how attached we are to our gadgets at that age :D Tell a 18 year old that their smartphone is not going to work for next 24 hours and they are going to be completely cut off from the rest of the world, and there is the perfect demonstration of instant heart attack I was talking about! That's why it was my immense pleasure to be a part of special launch event by Vodafone India where a complete lifestyle proposition for the youth was presented in front of us bloggers & media-persons.

Honestly, walking in at Hard Rock Cafe, Worli, Mumbai yesterday evening, I had absolutely no idea what was the hullaboo about. I mean, agreed, Vodafone has always been a brand with a seamless connection with the youth. It is vibrant, funky and oh-so-fun. Everyone loves the Zoozoos,right? :) My family has had Vodafone loyalists among various age groups for decades now. What I did not understand was, what could one new product do that has not already been done? We already have special data packs, special call rates, online wallets, multiple apps for entertainment, apps to surf the net lightning fast. So what is this Vodafone U all about? From the fun atmosphere at Hard Rock Cafe and the colorful decor,I thought this might just be another app for the young people. Hmm, why is it such a big deal?

It IS!

It brings a world of fun to our fingertips, which is always on. ALWAYS!

Youth of today uses technology and especially smartphones as an extension of their life itself. The most important thing is for them to be ALWAYS connected, ALWAYS entertained and ALWAYS on the move. There is no room for stagnation in their lives. Fair enough. So how about giving them a product made especially for them? A product that gives them..umm..maybe data loans? And free music downloads? And more? :D

Vodafone U does all this & MORE! 

- Data Allowance enables our youth to use their data intelligently during day and night times! 
- Data Loans where they will never be out of connectivity or entertainment even when their data pack runs out as they get 60 MB of 3G/4G Data on loan for 2 days! 
- 3 Buddy Lifeline where they can call 3 closest friends at special call rates to talk to their heart's content!
- Free Unlimited Music Downloads for 2 months!
- Many more special digital offers and experiences on the anvil!
- So basically it means whether it be taking selfies or sharing them, surfing the net or watching movies, downloading music or skype-ing with friends or those late night conference calls, Vodafone U makes sure that everything happens in real time,without any loss of connectivity or precious time :) In a nutshell, Fun Always On :D

It was only after Mr. Sandeep Kataria (Director-Commercial, Vodafone India) had launched Vodafone U and talked about these features that I realized how this was a complete package for the young Indians, something never done before! The youth of today has this insatiable need for connectivity and indulging their feeling of 'we need MORE'. It is products, nay, complete lifestyle propositions like these that actually prove how intrinsically a company cares for its customers & consumers :) The idea of making sure that Fun IS always ON for such a large group of people, so much thought process must have gone into it :) I LOVE it!

But this was not all :D The product that has been specifically designed and launched for the youth of today needs to be presented to them in a vibrant manner too. No wonder then that leading Digital Youth Icons of today have collaborated, for the first time ever, for a clutter-breaking marketing campaign (and creation of unique content) so the message of #FunWithU gets across in the most perfect way possible. Happiest cheers and screams filled the air as Kanan Gill, Raftaar and The Viral Fever took the stage to bring us a LIVE rendition of this brilliant gem :-

Needless to say that no words can suffice to explain the insane amount of fun that ensues when such masters of their crafts descend on the stage all together :D There was rapturous laughter all around as they all reminisced about the good old days of landline phones, changing world of the youth and hilarious texts being sent to the most unintended recipients (you know who I am talking about ;P) I cannot wait to enjoy and download more of their unique content thanks to Vodafone U :)

Suffice to say, the youth of today have found their perfect mate in Vodafone U, a seamless amalgamation of everything that they need,right in their pockets. Fun Is Indeed ALWAYS On NOW :)

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  1. Beautifully explained Richa :) I also love zoozoos! I mean Vodafon network :P :)

  2. Honestly, I never have any idea about Vodafone before except it was football club's sponsor ( pardon me, I was lack knowledge at foreign brand ) , but your post is so clear, nice! :)




  3. Looks like a great event 😊


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