Sunday 1 May 2016

UnbankIt With DBS Bank's Digibank : Live More, Bank Less!

Stand in queues. Wait for your turn. Fill a bunch of forms. Wait some more. Run to submit more forms before the branch closes. Wait for the documents.

This is what we think of banking,don't we? While we have the option of living life king size by indulging in our hobbies, traveling around and doing a million other things, we spend a large portion in running,waiting and  standing in queues,mostly for our money.

DBS Bank decided to create a revolution by ensuring that we Live More, Bank Less by introducing Digibank and it was an honor to be a part of its launch at NCPA, Nariman Point on 26th April. With Digibank App, the exclusive mobile only e-wallet and banking app, it is easy and hassle free to open a bank account and start earning 7% interest from 1st rupee without a million documents to be submitted, rather only Aadhaar no. and biometric identification is required. Imagine being able to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) identifications by going to select Cafe Coffee Day which is exactly what Digibank offers. No minimum balance required, free cash withdrawals at lakhs of ATMs, top-notch online security and more make this a truly stunning revolution.

The best part is the state-of-the-art artificial intelligence that is truly intuitive and futuristic. More than an app, it is an intelligent friend who helps us by answering all our queries, synthesizing our past purchasing/transaction/spending data and recommending budgeting steps to be taken, all this 24/7 too! Add to that the fact that we get access to exclusive cashback deals and vouchers for various products and services. So now we don't need to worry about our money, Digibank is here to make our money work harder for us :)

No wonder that Sachin Tendulkar has associated with DBS Bank for this superstar app. It was a pleasure to see him in flesh reminiscing about his youth, the days before mobile phones and apps and the technological revolution Digibank is bringing. The most hilarious part was him remembering the days when he had to walk all the way from Dadar station to his home in Shivaji Park because he had spent all his money and could not hire a cab! If only he had a smartphone, his parents or brother or friends could have instantly transferred the money in his account! It is unbelievable to hear such accounts from someone like THE Sachin Tendulkar :)

Proceedings of the morning made even more memorable by the presence of adorable Digor, who is ready to help explain the features of Digibank to all & sundry 24/7. All in all, I see great things for Digibank, DBS Bank and the revolution to #UnbankIt in days to come. After all, when Sachin himself says that he has so much free time to enjoy thanks to Digibank Mobile App, everyone has to listen,right? :)

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