Saturday 30 April 2016

Dino Island | Travel Back In Time | Phoenix Marketcity Kurla Mumbai

Traveling in time without using any time machine is possible! Yup, we have movies, books and for the lucky few, interactive events to make it possible as well as enjoyable. Strolling through Phoenix Marketcity Kurla Mumbai for some family shopping time, it was a pleasant surprise to come across this indoor extravaganza for kids as well as kids at heart of all ages :D 

Dino Island is an interactive display event covering the exciting world of Dinosaurs. Who among us has not been fascinated by the thrilling adventure displayed in Jurassic Park movies? Who is not enamored by the story of these beasts of an era gone by? Kids of all ages (yup,me included :D) specially love to get scared by the very idea of encountering a Dinosaur. Well, now they can! Phoenix Marketcity has brought this world alive in a spectacular way. I never cease to be amazed by the innovation and creativity of some folks! These are not mere installations, it seems to be a recreated part of an actual jungle with blinking,roaring dinosaurs of all sorts. Take a look :)

Jurassic Park is alive once more! Enjoy :)

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