Thursday 6 September 2018

Tea Villa Cafe Ghatkopar East Mumbai | Tea Coffee Conversations And More | Food Review | Restaurant Review

Found Tea Villa Cafe outlet in Ghatkopar East while strolling on a lazy rainy saturday evening pretty close to our new home and just walked in for some weekend impromptu foodie feast. Quite spacious, colorful yet elegant outlet, bright, a nook for book lovers too. Menu has tea and so much more, from pizzas and pastas to coffee and waffles and what not. I have forgotten the exact name of what we ordered but I do remember their taste!

First up was their SPINACH-CORN DIMSUMS- They were good, nice outer covering, crunchy stuffing, a bit oily, but delicious nonetheless.

Then, BAKED LASAGNA- My sister's fav, the cheesier the better for her and this was extreeeeemely cheesy, saucy, creamy, perfect for indulgence. Quantity just enough for 1 hungry hippo like me.

Finally, I had a MONSTER CHOCOLATE SHAKE (Forgotten the name but this is what I think of it as!)- It was chocolate overload in every sense of the word. HEAVEN for chocoholics. It came in a huge jar, dark chilled chocolate nutella shake, garnished with oreo, kitkat, caramel, white chocolate chips. Maybe 1 MILLION CALORIES inside but who cares! If I even have heart attack while having this, it would be totally worth it :D

Our server was Miss Simran and she was very sweet, service was fast. The only thing is, like all such cafes nowadays, prices are on the higher side. I mean, paying nearly Rs. 200 for 5 pieces of dimsums is definitely overpriced. But that is not specific just to this cafe, almost all cafes/eateries in Mumbai nowadays have similar pricing. So that's the price we pay for living in a metropolis and relaxing in such a cool place with friends. 

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