Wednesday 5 September 2018

Ice Cream Works Kemps Corner Mumbai | Premium Exotic Vegetarian Desserts | Food Review

Ice Cream Works has established itself as a premium dessert destination, their motto being 'Creamier, Nuttier, Goopier, Crunchier'. Have tried couple of flavors some years ago from their other outlets and liked them, so this review session for their new outlet was a no-brainer to say Yes to :)

They generously sent over 5 flavors to my home for tasting over the weekend. Classy black and white cups securely packaged with dry ice, very polite delivery staff. Every flavor was distinct, not icy, clearly made of premium ingredients, delicious. The flavors included some innovations and some classics-

MASALA MILK - Tasting it without knowing the name, I thought it was Kesar Pista. Rich, creamy, had ample dry fruits, not very sugary, just right for those like my mom who prefer mild desserts with Indian taste. RECOMMENDED.

SILKY BELGIAN CHOCO FUDGE - Good one. For those who like chocolate but also don't want to go too dark. Chocolate, vanilla, delicate balance, not too bitter, not too milky, sharp and delicious enough. 

WIMBLEDON STRAWBERRY CHEESECAKE - BEST OF THE LOT! Simple cheesecake with strawberry coulis swirls, pure love. The sweetness, creaminess of cheesecake meets the tanginess of strawberries in the most exquisite way. LOVED. My sister loved it too. RECOMMENDED (Unless you don't like cheesecakes, in which case...say whaaaaaaaaaat?!)

SALTED CARAMEL CHOCO BISCUITS -This was strong. So liking it depends on personal preference. There was caramel and there was crunch but it also tasted very strongly of coffee to me. I am not a big coffee person, but overall I liked the flavors. Still, this is one of those niche flavors everyone might not like.

EXTREME FERRO HAZELNUT - My personal FAVORITE. Hazelnut is my favorite nutty flavor and anything with that is my instant recommendation. This was dark, sinful, did not want to share it with anyone, in short it was JUST PERFECT for both me and my sister. RECOMMENDED.

Overall, my family recommends Ice Cream Works to all ice cream lovers. I don't know the pricing of these flavors but I suppose it must be in premium range too. The flavors really are exotic which means these folks do not use sub-par ingredients. 

Thank you Ice Cream Works for sending over these delicious flavors for review and making my weekend nuttier, goopier, creamier and crunchier :) 

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