Tuesday 4 September 2018

New York Burrito Company Charni Road Mumbai | Fresh Vegetarian Mexican Flavors Fiesta | Food Review

Small cute vibrant cafĂ©-like setup just opposite Sukh Sagar, at Girgaum Chowpatty. Was here for a review session and loved everything. New York Burrito Company can seat around 25 people at one time (on ground plus one floor) and offers authentic Mexican fare, curated by Chef Delio Armin Puerto Ceballos, from Mexico :) Offerings are simple (tacos, nachos, quesadilla etc.) but diverse enough to satiate any foodie’s palate, everything is fresh and flavourful.
Special word of appreciation for the staff who are extremely friendly, well versed with the menu, welcoming and suggest good combinations. Mr. Sanjay, the manager, took good care of every customer who walked in, and the place has such happy vibes. Service is fast and prices too are very reasonable considering quality, quantity and such prime location. Even for delivery or takeaways, they have got paper bags and eco-friendly boxes. We likey :)

For DRINKS, we had HIBISCUS MINT COOLER and DRAGONFRUIT LEMONADE–Both were good. I am not into chilled beverages much and I liked that these were not chilled but that’s personal preference. None were too sugary and were refreshing. I like Hibiscus more, earthy flavours. For those who like tangy flavour, go for Dragonfruit.
MEXICAN BOWL – RECOMMENDED! A bowl with medley of ingredients from rice to beans to fajitas to paneer to a variety of sauces and veggies. I was not actually expecting much but the freshness of every ingredient and the way all flavours shone in this bowl, took me by the most pleasant surprise. I had Brown Rice, Mushrooms, Fajitas, Lettuce, Corn, Jalapenos, Mayo, Cheese, Pinto Beans, Guacamole, Salsa Fresca, Salsa Verde…it was filling and heart-warmingly delicious. Will reorder. Value for money. Best part is we get to make our own bowl by choosing unlimited toppings. Can’t go wrong with that :)
CREAMY POTATOES – RECOMMENDED! Potatoes slathered in creamy cheesy sauce, not much to say, simple, sensational, surprisingly not heavy on stomach at all!

PUMPKIN CORN SOUP- MUST-HAVE! Did not expect much again, but LOVED it. Would have tried 10 bowls more of this if I did not have other dishes to try out :P The natural sweetness of pumpkin and corn leads to this rich, creamy, earthy concoction being a beautiful must-try soup. None of that ‘packaged’ stuff, this is real whole food to be enjoyed.
QUESEDILLAS – My sister absolutely loved these. Heated Tortilla wraps filled with good proportion of melted cheese + beans + onions, very filling and could not stop eating just one. RECOMMENDED.
TACOS – Another one my sister loved a lot. Crunchy folded Tortilla chips with corn, fajitas, beans, mayo, lettuce and cheese filling to the brim. Fresh, juicy, crunchy, MUST-HAVE.
Basically, a must-visit foodie destination for fresh Mexican flavours, superb service and food here is on healthier side too

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