Thursday 13 September 2018

CHAAYOS Mumbai | Chai Snacks Shakes Desserts And More | Food Review | Food Photography

Chaayos is like home away from home. 

So far, my family and I have been to more than 4 Chaayos outlets in Mumbai on multiple occasions and have tried almost everything veg from their menu. And we love how consistently good they are. 

There are many tea/coffee hangout places but what makes Chaayos different is that they have taken the very Indian chai tapri concept, modernized it, presented it with earthy Indian/ fusion fast food evening snack items in a clean, vibrant, contemporary ambiance, thus making a space in all age groups' hearts :)

This Bandra outlet is similar to other Chaayos outlets in its decor and color combination, making it fun and young at heart. Good space (from Mumbai's standards!), very fast and attentive service and delicious beverages + food. 

KULHAD CHAI - My Mom's FAVORITE CHAI in whole Mumbai. Masala Saffron Chai in Kulhad, the earthy aroma and flavor is to die for.

SHAHI CHAI- Mom liked this too, very rich, milky, loads of cream and garnish with good amount of dry fruit slivers on top, a royal indulgence indeed.

SULEMANI NIMBU CHAI - Comes in a small glass, simple strong black lemon chai, no milk, it was okay, something new my sister tried.

DRINKING CHOCOLATE- This is my standard go-to whenever I am at Chaayos. Steaming hot cup of cocoa indulgence, makes my inner child gleeful. Not the best or darkest chocolate out there but enough to make a chocoholic happy.

HONEY GINGER LEMON- Simple, sweet, works wonders on sore throat (something I suffer from almost all year round thanks to Mumbai's humidity!) Good for health, Feels like Grandma made it :)

CAKE SHAKE- My sister's favorite. Dark chocolate with brownie bits, dense, sinful, real good, no icy pieces in there ruining the shake. Honestly, real gooooood.

KULFI SHAKE- My mom tried this, even though she is not into cold drinks, just like me. This is must-have for those who are not into chocolate and want something mild, not too sugary. First,the fragrance of rose is a winner and every sip is delicious. Milky but not very thick or creamy, this is instantly cooling and I recommend it especially for summers. Again, no icy pieces. Lovely.

BAARISH WALE PAKODE - You cannot go to Chaayos and miss THIS! This has got to be their bestseller and if you are an Indian, you know exactly why :P Pakode, perfectly balanced mix of spice and savory fun, a plate is what I order in every time. My mom specifically comes to Chaayos for Kulhad Chai & Pakode combination.

PALAK PATTA CRISPIES- Another MUST-HAVE. Independently deep fried spinach leaves with sev, tangy imli chutney and jalapenos on top, amazing explosion of flavors.

PANEER OPEN PARATHA- My dad really liked this one. A bit tangy for my comfort, but overall good. Paratha with good amount of soft paneer, tangy gravy and some cheese. 2 of these is a good lunch/dinner option for a normal hungry person.

2 MINUTE SANDWICH- Being the Maggi fanatic that my sister is. this is one of her MUST-HAVES here. Maggi made just the way we all like it, stuffed inside soft bread. 

HOMESTYLE ALOO SANDWICH- Really liked this one. Homestyle Potato Mash (mildly spicy) with tomatoes,onions and mayo made a good heavy snack. 

PANEER BHURJI BUN- Dad LOVED this one! Generous amount of Paneer Bhurji, creamy, wholesome, alongside some peppers stuffed inside a bun. Filling, delicious, will reorder for sure.

CHOCOLATE FACTORY CAKE- Dense, sinful, dark chocolate cake. Enough said. Pure LOVE.

Overall, memorable experience. The only little problem we had was, when we got sandwiches, we did not get any dip with them. The sandwiches, though delicious, taste dry without any dip or sauce alongside, especially the Maggi sandwich feels really dry. The staff did provide us ketchup packets immediately when we asked them. No other problems. Food, beverages are all delicious and consistently so across outlets. Prices are keeping in tandem with how cafes and chill out zones are priced across metropolis of the world.

As I said, Chaayos now feels like home away from home :)

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