Thursday 14 April 2016

Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask | Beauty Review

My first ever Fab Bag, March 'More Power To You' edition gave me wonderful surprises the most important of which were Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask sample and full size Votre Face Serum :) Having used this mask for 6 days, here is an analysis of how it fared. 

My skin being extremely sensitive, problematic, allergic, combination-oily, acne and blemishes prone, it is understandable why I do not want to experiment much with different brands and formulations. I simply do not know which one of them will react horribly and lead to permanent scars on my skin! Suganda Neem Green Tea Plant Mask comes equipped with ingredients like Neem and Green Tea that have been proven to deal with bacteria, pollution and all the gunk that leads to acne, scars, blemishes etc. That is why seeing this product in my Fab Bag made me super duper happy! 

I received a sample size worth Rs. 400 in Fab Bag March 2016 edition while the full size product is around Rs. 900 available on Nykaa. I do not think this product is yet available freely on amazon, flipkart etc.

It proclaims to be a handmade organic product free of harmful chemicals and preservatives to heal,soothe,brighten and lighten skin with Ingredients like Neem, Green Tea, Organic Rice in very sturdy and travel friendly little jar Packaging with enough Quantity to last less than a week if used generously everyday on face.

It looks just like a Multani Mitti face pack we make at home by mixing with ingredients such as Besan, Sandalwood Powder etc. and smells herbal too. This just shows its natural roots, me likey :) I mixed a hearty scoop with yogurt everyday and slathered all over my face for 15-20 minutes after which it would dry & start tugging on my face,so I would wash it off with cold water. It made my face a bit red after each wash,thanks to my sensitive skin,but never gave me any pimples or marks or blemishes. It also made my skin very veryyyyy dry,sucking out all the oil from deep within the pores, thanks to Neem! There is little exfoliating action due to presence of rice powder too but not enough to combat my blackheads. I did not see any brightening or lightening effect but I think this would be best suited for oily skin more than my dry one. The only thing I liked was it smoothed my skin and soothed some little pimples that I had!

  • Natural,Organic,Ayurvedic formulation
  • Pure ingredients
  • Makes skin squeaky clean
  • Double duty of cleanser as well as mild scrub
  • No breakouts or allergy reaction
  • To some extent,does sooth pimples
  • Smoothens skin to some extent
  • Not suited for combination dry or dry skin, made my skin unusually dry
  • Stretches skin on drying,will not suit very sensitive skin
  • Exorbitantly expensive
  • Not easily available
  • Does not work on blackheads  
  • Does not provide any glow or brightening effect
Recommended - NO! I did not see any extraordinary effects on my skin, maybe someone with horribly oily skin will benefit from it. Rating is 2.5/5 :)

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