Friday 1 April 2016

Style Files With LimeRoad - Part 2!

After I started browsing through LimeRoad (Part 1) it became little bit difficult to stop :D It is not only addictive,I also have a boatload of time on my hands and I am spending it planning my shopping schedule. I have vacation days coming up, I am going to meet many of my old friends, my sister is planning a Goa Trip, she also has a wedding to attend very soon..basically our schedule is going to demand that we be prepared with a lot of fun and fabulous looks whether it be sunning on a beach or attending a wedding reception :) So here are a few fabulous looks I gleaned from LimeRoad Style Council where some fabulous ladies have curated a few collections for us. How cool are all these and how can anyone choose just one? :D

So, work, party, brunch, ethnic, casual, workout..yup,all is sorted :D

Oh and LimeRoad does not just have fantastic fashion for us, it has fantastic home decor ideas too. I have been looking for great home redecorating ideas too and here they give it to us on a platter! This is called good life :D

Go on, browse HERE for yourself. Let Neha Dhupia, Richa Chadda, Ira Dubey, Sapna Bhavnani and many more super awesome, super stylish peoples help you create an enviable wardrobe as well as a home akin to celebrities!

Moving on, there are literally thousands of looks, styles, accessories and so on for our perusal for forthcoming summer. I swear I will be up all night just wowing through these! Pleats, Nautical, Floral, Ethnic, Cotton, Mesh, Apparels, Accessories....Who said fashion is easy? :D :P


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