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5 Beautiful Prom Dresses For Every Princess At Heart | Fashion Diaries

Prom is not only one of the most awaited events on youngsters’ social calendars; it is also a rite of passage.  Everybody wants it to be a memorable occasion and girls especially dream of looking like a princess on this very special day. Needless to say, a Prom dress has to be an embodiment of their personal fairy tale. Here is a look at 5 beautiful prom dresses that make this dream come true:-
5 Beautiful Prom Dresses For Every Princess At Heart

A dress inspired by the popular Disney princesses is most apt for dressing up on prom. From Cinderella to Sleeping Beauty, from Rapunzel to Frozen’s Elsa, there are many classic and vintage gown styles to choose from. The most stunning princess gown made for dance floor belongs to Belle from Beauty and the Beast, a gorgeous yellow enhanced with flirty ruffles, off-shoulder neckline and matching gloves. It is an iconic classic for a reason; it lends itself beautifully to making a royal impression.

5 Beautiful Prom Dresses For Every Princess At Heart

When looking to rank 5 Beautiful Prom Dresses, gowns always get the pride of place as they are multi-purpose and their fabric has a wonderful draping quality to give every figure a celebrity look. A floor-length gown in red is the easiest way to stand out like a diva at the prom, making heads turn by walking and dancing with grace effortlessly. Simple gown with embellished waist or beaded neck-work or sequins detailing is one of the most popular prom dress styles. A flirty slit in the gown is just the touch a true-blue social butterfly needs.

5 beautiful prom dresses of all time

The light-hearted flirty look showcased by a knee length chiffon prom dress in a shade such as pretty pink or simple beige is enough to land it into the list of one of 5 beautiful prom dresses of all time. The softness of the fabric, comfortable fit and light layers make it a delight to wear while painting the town red or firing up the dance floor. For those who get this in sleeveless style, an embellished jacket is the best way to create a stunning ensemble for the prom.

5 beautiful prom dresses of all time little black dress fashion lifestyle

Ever since the concept of fashion has been discovered, no fashion list ends without mentioning a black dress. Black is the colour of power, mystery and immortality. For this reason, a number of varied styles in black are available for prom. A spaghetti strap midi, strapless gown with crochet work, floor length gown with waterfall hemline and embellished one shoulder high-low dress are all spectacular options in black. But nothing beats a v-neck little black dress with phenomenal sparkling quality provided by sequins work. This is the dress that literally lights up the wearer at any party and this is exactly the kind of effect that prom needs.

5 beautiful prom dresses of all times

The comfortable yet chic feel that a maxi dress with sheer lace detailing provides makes it one of the 5 beautiful prom dresses of all times. It looks old-world and feels modern casual to wear yet hugs the figures at the right curves to make the wearer the ultimate centre of attraction. The best part-maxi dresses are among the most plus-size friendly styles out there, ensuring that all girls have fun, not just the ones bestowed with model genes.

There are many more examples of ethereal prom dresses out there, just like these 5 Beautiful Prom Dresses, for numerous princesses preparing to put their best foot forward on their prom. 

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