Monday 31 August 2015

Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel Review

I got a box full of Clarins beauty products as a gift from a friend,she had got it from some contest but she does not use any non-Ayurvedic product,so she gave it to me :D In reality, even I don't like using non-natural products a lot,but I am open to trying anything at least once. And I had heard so much about Clarins brand over the years that I was really excited to try something from them, so here goes. The first product I tried was Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel.

I got a small 15 ml tube,it lasted me 5 days since only a little was needed for each use. Since my skin is extremely sensitive,I can pick up a product's good + bad points within a day of use :D These 5 days taught me everything I needed to know about this product.

I started searching around for information and landed up at Amazon website,where it is available for Rs. 4288 for 50 ml! That is Too Expensive,me thinks! Anyway,I got it for free,so no regrets :D


The tube I got it in is so cute and handy, the real full-sized product is available in a tub which is unhygienic in my opinion.It is meant for Normal to Combination skin. Now, as you know, My skin is sensitive and dry BUT I cannot use rich creams because then I get pimples. So usually,I end up using products meant for combination skin only! Yes, my skin is strange and I know it :( I am still looking forward to a product which will suit my weird skin perfectly. *sigh*

Claims of the Clarins HydraQuench Cream-Gel include cool, all-day moisture while eliminating shine brought on by blazing heat and humidity and ingredients include Hyaluronic acid, Katafray extract, Pomegranate extract, Alpine willow herb extract which are all apparently heavy-duty ingredients for anti-ageing, moisturizing, hydration and so on. It does feel cool on the skin and is pure white in color. What I hate is the FRAGRANCE! It is SO STRONG and purely chemical. Apparently,Clarins products have heavy fragrances and my nose is too sensitive. After a while, my nose did get used to it but in the beginning,I hated it completely. But my sister loved it :D So I guess,it depends on each individual if they like this perfume-y fragrance or not.

Another thing is-it needs time to sink in. Look here,I took a little product on my sister's hands and it became so liquidy and shiny. On the face also,same thing happens :D It needs to be messaged in for 3-4 minutes and then only it starts to sink it. This is a time consuming process.

After 5 minutes,when it sinks in completely, there is no residue left behind which is a good thing. Complexion looks a little better, but nothing extraordinary. There is no brightening effect or long-lasting glow. It also leads to no pimple outbreak which is a great thing since it is not heavy like a cream nor is it oil-based. My skin would like more hydration though and this may be a good product for oily skin but not much for me. I don't think it would be a very good product for a normal skin also. Over the 5 days that I used it,I could not discern any difference in my skin at any level. 

  • Did not irritate my ultra-sensitive skin
  • Did not lead to any red patches or pimples,thank GOD!
  • Little glow can be seen post application
  • NO Moisturization, which is okay since it is not meant for dry skin, BUT even for normal skin I do not think it would be properly hydrating
  • Did not see any discernible difference in my skin. Usually,a good product starts showing results within 1-2 uses (at least on my skin,it does :D)
  • I like natural products, this one is I think all about chemicals and more chemicals.
  • FRAGRANCE-It is like applying an expensive perfume on skin! Too sensitive noses (like me) please stay away!
  • EXPENSIVE like anything! Rs. 4000 for a 50 ml face cream? What is it made of? Unicorn tears and rainbows dust?! I guess,it is all about brand name :)
  • Availability. If you want to buy it,I guess you will have to either go to a Clarins store or buy it at Amazon 

Recommended -NO. Rating is 2/5 And I am giving 2 purely on a guess that oily skinned people might like this :)

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