Monday 31 August 2015

Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub Review

Welcome the most amazing Body Scrub I have ever used :) Let me tell you why it is my favorite.

Check out the 'About Me' section where I have explained in detail how my skin has a mind of its own :P My skin is so dry,even Sahara desert may seen moisturizing in comparison. Yet, if I use a too rich cream on my face-it leads to pimples :( and on my body-it leads to unbearable itching,apart from a gross sticky feeling that I hate :(

This is the reason I am constantly on the lookout for newest beauty products,in the hope that something may help me -and I am sharing it all here so others like me may also benefit.

Body scrubs are a particular favorite of mine, since they keep my skin soft and smooth,which is a consolation even if it always feels dry :P I read a lot of magazines in hopes of finding out about newest beauty products and also what beauty products celebrities use :D I think, I read about Alba Botanica brand in one such magazine, though I cannot recall which one.

Anyway, I searched for it and found it at Flipkart some months ago and it was on sale, so I got it for only about Rs. 600 for 411 grams, amazing value for money. Right now, it is retailing for around 1000-which I would still say,is NOT expensive considering its quality. Strangely,it is available at almost double the price on Amazon !

Anyway, Claims of Alba Botanica Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub is that it is a purifying scrub that detoxes, exfoliates and renews. Its ingredients include Sea Salt with a long list of oils- sunflower seed oil, jojoba seed oil, sweet almond oil, avocado oil etc. All of these are extremely good for our skin and this product is also free from any parabens, plus it does not test on animals. Natural goodness for our skin!

The quantity is huge and lasts a month even after using every alternate day :) When I opened the container, I saw a huge block of sea salt literally floating in a bed of oils :) It is nice to see that the product actually has real ingredients and not just 'extracts', like it happens in so many other brands. It has no particular smell, just a pleasing waft of all the oils which does not even linger around for long.

The sea salt granules are huge and give a good scrubbing action which I love ♥ :) On my face,I do not like harsh granules since it immediately reddens my sensitive skin :( But I travel a lot and am exposed to a lot of pollution,so I like scrubbing my arms and legs vigorously with heavy,harsh granules to keep them clean and soft :D This sea salt is perfect in that respect. More importantly, while scrubbing the sea salt, my skin also gets the moisturization from all the oils and becomes as smooth as a newborn baby :)

See here,how my hand is glowing after simply scrubbing with a few granules :) 

I have used A LOT of scrubs over the years and liked a lot of them. But this is the ONLY scrub where I do not need to apply any moisturizing cream or lotion after bath! It not only exfoliates my body and scrubs away the dead skin, it also made me glow like anything. I could not stop touching my own hands again and again to see if this was true :D No gross sticky feeling, No itchiness, No dryness, my skin loves this! After all, it has all natural ingredients mixed together to give maximum benefit.

Advice- Sea salt when used on completely dry skin has this tendency to fall on the floor,so I wet my skin slightly before using it and that way,the salt sticks to the skin and does a great job of scrubbing :)

To be fair, we can make this scrub at home too. Just take a scoop of sea salt and mix it with 4-5 different oils. But the whole stress and mess of doing all that and storing it? :P I prefer to buy this and use it.

  • Does what it claims-excellent scrub for body
  • Maximum moisturization for my dry,sensitive skin, No need to use any lotion or cream afterwards
  • Brightens the skin,gives amazing glow and baby-like softness :)
  • All natural ingredients, no harmful chemicals
  • No animal testing & 100% vegetarian ingredients :D YAY :)
  • Works in hot,humid Indian summer as well as dry,parched winter (I used in both seasons!)
  • Huge quantity,lasts a whole month at least,maybe more depending on usage. I used A LOT, normal people use a lot less quantity,so it may last 2-3 months :)
  • Container can be reused :D 
  • Expensive. A lot of people would say that paying Rs. 1000 or more for a scrub is not worth it. I think it is,because I have such a problem skin :)
  • Leaves the bathroom floor slippery because of all the oils :P
  • Availability-So far, I have only seen it at Flipkart and Amazon :)

Recommended - YES! THE BEST BODY SCRUB EVER :) Rating is 5/5 :)

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