Monday 31 August 2015

Cream Centre, Lower Parel, Mumbai

So yeah,I am a vegetarian :D And No, it does not mean that I am missing out on anything OR that I make it difficult for my friends to find a place to eat :P It just means that sometimes when I am with my family, we want to go to a pure vegetarian place for a good meal and Cream Centre is a famous place for that,all right? :)

The first Cream Centre I remember going to is at Girgaum Chowpatty, almost a decade ago! My college friends introduced me to this wonderful place which is super famous for its Chana Bhatura. I mean, you just need to go to Chowpatty on a Saturday or Sunday evening and see about 50 people standing outside this Cream Centre outlet, waiting to get it! It Is Legendary. So obviously, I have been to its various outlets about 50 times in past 1 decade alone :D Sometimes with friends, sometimes with sister, sometimes with whole family. (Even though I prefer Choley Bhaturey from Kailash Parbat over everything else in Mumbai and never order Chana Bhaturey here, I recommend others to try this once too :D)

The ambiance and quality of food + service is same at each outlet,no issues there. It is perfect for families with a lot of chatter, gossip, children running around et al. So please do not go here for a quiet, romantic date EVER :D Over the years,I have had Nachos, Sizzlers, Pasta, Roomali Roti, Chaats, Onion Rings, American Corn Cheese Balls, Paneer Tikka, Sizzling Brownie here and I recommend every single thing :) But a word of caution-This is NOT a place you want to be at if you are dieting :D Be ready to douse yourself in cheese, ghee, calories and then work out in gym for 4 hours extra. BUT if that is not an indication of a good life, then what is? :D A big burrp always awaits me whenever I visit here and I especially frequent its Lower Parel (High Street Phoenix) outlet because it is close to my office. They often have special food festivals going on when some innovative dishes are presented which are a delight to have.

This is a Moong Dal Chilla Chat that I absolutely adored. Not found on the menu otherwise, it was a part of some Indian food festival about a month ago :)

One of my most favorite dishes is the Paneer Tikka (Paneer ka Baap :D) Platter. Yummy in the Tummy,especially that mint chutney, O-M-G ♥ Yes,I am a Paneer Fanatic :P

Roomali Roti with some Paneer gravy dish (Ok,I am bad with names, stop with the 3rd degree already :P). Rich in calories, full of taste :D

Yummy Tutti Frutti Sundae. Calorie alert-you need to be an elephant to finish this on your own :P And yes, it is as delicious and sweet as it looks ♥

The BIG Nachos. This is a meal in itself. My sister and I love to scramble to finish it when we need a snack and are in the Lower Parel area :D It does not only have cheese but a big boat of veggies and beans that really fills us up.

Burrp! Nachos, Heaven, Nachos!

Aah, the joy of playing these fun games while waiting for food :) Also, the wait for food can be quite long on the busy weekends. Trust me, you need this!

Perfect family ambiance. I kid you not, I have seen marriages getting fixed by families in these adjoining tables on occasion :D

Damage to the Pocket? Say Rs. 700-800 for 2 people :) Not bad at all for the quality of food and not to forget,it is a trusted brand name in itself :)

Yeah, so all I am saying is, Cream Centre is a nice place and everyone ought to visit it :D 

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