Monday 31 August 2015

Puro Body & Soul Hair Masque Review

Like every other person on this planet, I am plagued with stress, pollution on a daily basis the effects of which show up on my skin & hair. Add to that a year of battle with Jaundice that left my hair dry and damaged beyond recognition and led to massive hair-fall too :( In past 2 months,I finally tried to get back on track with a renewed hair & skin care regime. Tried a lot of conditioners and hair masks in this quest and this Puro Hair Masque is one of them :)

Never heard of this brand before,but on searching and asking from friends, came to know that it is a natural beauty brand coming up quite nicely on the radar of many beauty bloggers. They were raving about some of its products so I decided to give this a try :) Bought it from Flipkart for Rs. 600 for 200 ml which is surely expensive but then again, all organic/ayurvedic/natural brands nowadays are quite expensive. It is the price of purity we pay which is so difficult to find nowadays and we always have the option of going for the chemical laden cheap products too :D


Packaging is good but I don't think it is travel friendly because of the pump dispenser.I am sure it will spill some product over if we went on a long journey and it got smushed in the bag. Claims include protecting and nourishing hair,especially dry & damaged & also colored ones. Ingredients list,I feel is incomplete as it does not indicate percentages or weight of different ingredients. However,it is impressive and includes Aloe Vera, Rosemary oil, Lavender oil, Vitamin E etc. It is 100% vegetarian AND cruelty free + chemical free product. Also, proceeds from the sale goes to this organization Sa'Ni'Sa which is devoted to economic empowerment of women. Nice!


Fragrance is different and strong. I have a sensitive nose and anything too chemical-y (Like Clarins' products) annoys me. But the fragrance here is not chemical-y. It is strong but I guess it is because of the presence of essential oils of Rosemary & Lavender. It lingers for quite some time but is not unpleasant. I like it. The texture is not completely watery but it is not thick like a lot of conditioners. Look above, it is just a bit thicker than water which might make you think, hey, how effective can this be in taming dry hair, since we are accustomed to thinking that we need creamy conditioners for dry hair :)

It says to apply from roots to tips. But since I have such an itchy scalp,I do not apply any kind of conditioner or mask on my scalp at all. I simply apply it on my hair and leave it for 20 minutes or so. Then I simply rinse it off completely and let my hair air dry. The thing is,it does not have silicones like normal mass conditioners, so while rinsing it off,it does not give that slippery feel. Earlier, I used conditioners like Garnier, Sunsilk etc. that always gave this slippery feel and a very soft touch while rinsing only. But now I realize that it harms our hair in the long run. On rinsing this off,I felt nothing like that but after my hair dried,it became smooth and got de-tangled very easily :) My hair was soft to touch and easy to comb through for next 2 days. What more could I ask for!

  • Natural Ingredients
  • Claims are correct. It does smoothen dry and damaged hair
  • Also adds a little shine,that too without presence of silicones :D
  • Results last for 2 days on my ultra-dry and little damaged hair,so I am impressed :)
  • No hair-fall or itchiness after using it,my hair & skin are very sensitive to bad chemicals so I am sure this does not contain them :)
  • Strong but pleasant fragrance
  • Price of course :D It lasted me for 6-7 washes. I wish we had little more quantity in that bottle
  • The bottle is not very travel friendly,I feel
  • Ingredients list is not complete,again I just feel this, but I have no issues believing that it has natural ingredients only :)
  • Availability! Not seen this brand anywhere other than Flipkart & Amazon :)

Recommended- YES! I am giving it a rating of 4/5 and would come back to use it after my current haul of conditioners and masks get over :)

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