Monday 3 April 2017

Eat To Fit | Fit To Eat Healthy Everyday | Food Review | 5 Star Recommendation

The moment someone says health food, we immediately conjure up images of oats, quinoa, kale, energy bars and mentally prepare ourselves to taste something akin to digestive biscuits or husk flavored salads perhaps, because tasty and healthy are 2 different things, right?


Thankfully we are living in an era where there is probably the largest ever recognition of importance of healthy eating among human species and thanks be to places like Eat To Fit that constantly endeavor to dispel the notion that healthy cannot be tasty :) These guys serve amazing soups, salads, sandwiches, juices, shakes, meals that truly bring the best possible combo of health & taste to us, no wonder they have already gotten a very loyal clientele that trusts them for regular healthy meals. Moreover, they are constantly looking for feedback on how to improve which I am sure will be their USP in the long run. Thankfully, everything I tried here on review invite was already fabulous so no suggestions from me, just a promise that I will be back very soon.

A small bright place, intelligently designed so it looks much bigger, exceedingly warm and friendly staff and lovely menu with not a false note. I will not crib about the prices owing to the fresh,healthy quality as well as splendid quantity of all the dishes.

We started with Veg Tomato Basil Soup which was unlike any other tomato soup ever, it was more like a thick tomato puree soup with lotsa herbs, a complete meal and quite spicy too, I am not much into spicy stuff but this one is awesome, just what you would expect grandma to make at home! We also loved Clear Vegetable Soup,very light and wholesome broth with loads of veggies, again, I wish I could have this for dinner every night,

We tried Fattoush Salad and it came in a huge bowl choc-a-bloc with veggies like iceberg lettuce,bell peppers, cucumbers, onions, tomatoes and cottage cheese chunks, making it fresh and filling, needing no extra seasonings or dressing, 

My sister is not a Panini fan at all, but she loved the Panini Spinach Sandwich here, warm, grilled, fragrant, generously filled with spinach and minced cottage cheese, this is pure love, 

Our absolute favorite was their White Sauce Penne Pasta, this one is not like regular pastas at all, rather it is like a Pasta salad with generous chunks of veggies and fried cottage cheese which made it a delicious indulgence, maybe the most calorific item on the menu yet not veering into the unhealthy department. Extraordinary :)

At the end of the day,food is subjective and our palates are different, still for anyone even remotely interested in healthy food ..or just plain food, Eat To Fit is a worthy destination for sure!

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