Thursday 20 April 2017

Drown In Hungama At Drama Mumbai | Food Review | Restaurant Review

One of better places to spend an evening with friends in a relaxed, laid back environment, reminiscent of a good pub/bar, decent pricing and attentive service :) I was here with a work colleague for a review invite and we enjoyed everything on offer. My colleague is from Spain and he loved the food too plus the quantity was so good that he got almost 1/3rd packed for home!

We started off with Long Island Iced Tea & Cosmopolitan, both amazingly refreshing. I also tried a special mocktail that was just anybody would want after a long day at work.

Among starters, absolutely loved Beetroot & Jalapeno Cheese Poppers- very reminiscent of Beetroot cutlets I used to have in childhood, wholesome, flavorsome,

Veg Loaded Nachos were loaded with molten cheese,veggies, nacho chips were appropriately crunchy and this would easily suffice for a party of 3,

My colleague being an absolute flatbread fanatic, we had to try Three Smoked Pepper Flatbread, we loved the generous cheese and crunchy crust along with bell peppers smattering, definitely will reorder,

He also tried Lebanese Chicken Basket and loved it, I ofcourse am not at all a good judge of anything non-vegetarian, it looked good though :P

For main course, we tried a shuddh desi feast of Dal Makhani, Bread Basket and  Paneer Makhanwala, traditional legends of our north Indian cuisine and it all tasted as rich, buttery, calorific and delicious as it should!

For dessert, we zeroed down on Churros, I was apprehensive since usually it turns out a bit too chewy for my taste but it was so dense and delicious that I gobbled it down before my colleague told the staff 'I am from Spain and these are the most authentic Churros I have had in a long time, just like we have in Spain!' Needless to say, that explains it all :D

The ambiance is cozy and classy, the music is a mix of old & new, pop & classic, at one glance the menu for veggies seems limited but actually it is more than enough to make any foodie happy, Drama comes heartily recommended thusly :)

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