Wednesday 12 April 2017

Delicious Experience At Anarchy Lokhandwala | Food Review | Restaurant Review

A cool place for those who want to enjoy some sheesha with friends after a long day at work, there is a lovely outdoor section, or just relax with friends/family in the indoor section with nice nightclub style lighting and interesting geometric decor pattern on the ceiling. I was here with my mom and sis and absolutely loved the food (we didn't drink nor had sheesha,yet loved our experience solely based on food, so clearly this is a place for everyone). Tables are arranged quite far off so private conversation is easy and a round of applause for the staff who are fabulous. In fact, later in the evening, one of the dishes we ordered took an inordinate amount of time to arrive but the staff understood this and were so polite and apologized so profusely that we did not mind the delay one bit. Lovely!

We started off with a round of fresh lime soda and a papaya based smoothie, both were decent. Then we delved straight into food, all the while swaying to the beats of latest club hits (another plus,the volume is not ear shattering yet perfect for a club setting!)

First up was Broccoli & Corn soup -creamy broccoli puree with sweet corn, this is like a mini meal, huge portion and decent in taste, found it a bit watery but not devoid of flavor, it can be made a little bit thicker to make it perfect :)

Then we delved into their starters, each one stunning, be it the Spicy Hunan Cottage Cheese - Paneer sauteed with hunan style spicy sauce, or Poza Rica Nachos - corn tortillas topped with beans,bell peppers,cheese,jalapeno and tangy tomato salsa, or Cotage Cheese Sicilian - really soft Cottage cheese cubes sauteed with bell peppers,onion and pesto sauce. Will be going back to have these again & again :)

My sister being a pasta fanatic ordered Basil Pesto - Penne in cheesy mix of basil,garlic,pine nuts,olive oil and sundried tomatoes,served with garlic bread, and it was soooo good that even our mom,who usually loathes pasta, devoured it :D So cheesy, so comforting, this was one of the best pasta my sister ever had.

I was in the mood for some Indian dishes so I went for Stuffed Cottage Cheese Steak gravy-dry fruits stuffed paneer cooked in rich cashew and tomato gravy, a bit on the sweeter side (think of it like a cousin of malai kofta) went very nicely with amazing Tandoori Roti served alongside.

Another must have would be their Veg Biryani - good medley of veggies and spices in fragrant, high calorie rice :D Very satisfying, very dense, not very spicy but just perfectly so, loved it and finished it off in 2 minutes with cooling raita served alongside.

It was a pretty memorable visit on all counts and am so happy I got a chance to try it out for review :) Prices seem reasonable for the quality and quantity, ambiance is great, staff is awesome, am definitely keeping it on my places to revisit.

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