Monday 10 April 2017

Tea Trails New Menu Launch | Healthy Deliciousness Ahoy | Food Review | Recommendation

Tea Trails holds a special place in my heart since this is the first place that opened my eyes to the wondrous vast world of different types of teas, their actual flavors and health benefits. So when I got a chance to try out some new additions to their menu,it was a no brainer that I would devote an afternoon to relaxing here with my sister and mom, the ambiance here is lovely, staff very attentive yet giving the patrons their private space, the wide cheery windows so welcoming, I recommend this place as a mental detox place to everyone! 

We started off with Tulsi Green Tea for me, Tapioca Bubble Tea for my sister and Five Spices Chai for my mom. None of the pesky tea bags business, real flavors, real aroma, real tea, real taste just like we like :) My sister had never tried Tapioca Bubble Tea and when she was ordering it, then only the staff clearly told her that it has coconut flavor and is milky and no everyone's cup of tea. My sister hated it and we send it back. Moral of the story-listen to the staff here, they give good suggestions :) They were extremely sweet about taking back the bubble tea and got my sister a cold coffee, which was perfect, one of the best she ever had! Apart from the brilliant array of teas for every palate, they have a brilliant food menu and we had a tough time deciding what to order. 

We started with Burghul Upma i.e. light yet flavorful and spicy Broken Wheat Upma with vegetable chunks, served hot, 

I chose Cottage Cheese, Celery and Apple Sandwich and we loved it so much we even got it parcelled home for dinner that night! Cheesy yet not overwhelming so, the crunch of celery and apples and wholesomeness of cottage cheese make it a must have, 

Salad lovers can try Veggie Panache Salad a good combination of heat of olives & jalapenos with crunch of romaine leaves and nutrition of corn & peppers, 

I usually like my pizza with an overload of veg toppings but here the fresh dough Paneer Tikka Pizza was just the kind of accompaniment one wants on an easy relaxing afternoon or evening, a smattering of paneer, bell peppers, onions, tomatoes with gooey but not overwhelming amount of cheese,extremely recommended :) Did not leave us feeling bloated at the end of it, superb!

Usually I am not much into waffles but the Choco Joy Waffle, chosen by my sister, were heavenly, the soft waffles with all that gooey chocolate sauce + nuts + chocochips curls making it so melt in mouth loveliness!

Yumm, cannot wait to be back :D
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