Friday 14 April 2017

Go Funky, Go Delicious With Bohemian Brew | Food Review | Decor Photography

Elegance, Taste, Health and TEA! All together at one place, it is Bohemian Brew all right :)

The decor speaks bohemian to the T, with tables adorned by hand paintings, hand made arts adorning the walls and not to miss, my favorite, glass-work lamps (the one Turkey is famous for!) illuminating the room like nothing else. The outdoors are cheery, they have a little private room for family gatherings or celebrating any occasion AND there is a cute reading room too! Floored over by the ambiance yet? The best is yet to come.

The exotic teas and excellent food take forward the free bohemian spirit. Pick anything from the menu and I am sure it will be fantastic since everything we had was amazing.

Among teas, I had the delicate (and verrry subtly sweet) Kashmiri Kahwa -Green Tea with Cardamom, Almonds, Cinnamon, Cloves, Saffron Strands, while my sister loved her refreshing Blueberry Flowering Tea- Green tea floral infusion with smooth blueberry and mild jasmine, and my mom couldn't get enough of her Adrak Pudina and Lemongrass Chai,yes as densely flavorful as it sounds :)

Then came the tasting portions of this review invite, starting from Watermelon & Feta salad-sweet & spicy watermelon with vodka infusion, mascarpone & feta cheese + pine nuts garnish, an explosion of all possible flavors in mouth, this one is for those who want a zing in their lives :D

My personal favorites were the wholesome Falafel with Hummus, the hummus here deserves to be taken home in big jars and I wish they start selling it :D So cooling, just the way my tummy loved it!

Another great dip was their in-house specialty served next!Spicy Cheesy Kuboos-sauteed vegetables and cheese stuffed between two flatbreads and lightly grilled, served with a spicy cajun sauce, the chef told us many patrons here actually ask him if he is selling this in jars and I am not surprised :D

Salad lovers can try Tea Leaf Salad -Burmese Fermented Tea Leaves salad with fried garlic, peanuts, roasted chana dal, sesame seeds, tomatoes and lettuce, very healthy and crunchy,

My sister is a pasta lover to the hilt and she specially requested Fettuccine Alfredo, a rich cheesy delicacy, keeping things simple, this can be considered soul food, very simple and delicious,

I personally loved (right after the hummus) their scrumptious Cottage Cheese Steak with Ratatouille, melt in mouth cottage cheese steak and all those veggies, yummy, this one is a wholesome treat :)

The passion with which the owners have conceptualized the theme of the place and the quality of ingredients used in everything makes it one of my newest favorites in the city. My sister and I are planning to revisit here at least once every fortnight (and my sister rarely ever wants to revisit any place easily) so that is high compliment indeed :)

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