Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 Matte Look Daily Sunblock SPF 40

Oh God, why is it so hot?!!!!

This year, the summer refuses to go away! And we all know the most important thing to do when it is hot and sunny (well,actually it is everyday,but especially on sunny days :D)- Use a Sunscreen!

Now finding a good sunscreen is tough, especially for someone with such a weird skin as mine :P So in this department at least,I have not experimented much and pretty much stuck to 2-3 brands for past decade :D

And THE product that I have used most, that actually I started using first is -Lotus Herbals Safe Sun 3-in-1 sunblock :D Now, on my skin, most of the sunscreens melt away fast and I do not have the patience to reapply them every hour (or time to do so!). Also, some brands have given me dirty pimples :( And some have made my skin ultra dry! Lotus Herbals has kept me happy through the past decade without any of these tantrums :D It is another brand just like Biotique and Himalaya Herbals that is intensely trusted by millions and almost all their products are instant mass blockbusters, and of course pure,herbal,natural :)

I first bought it from Big Bazaar, but in past couple of years, either buy it from Flipkart or Amazon for around Rs. 300-350 for 100 gms.

Now the 3 main claims are Sun protection, Skin Lightening & Mattifying through the ingredients that soothe,refine pores, work as astringent and rejuvenate the skin. Ingredients include Birch Extract, Mallow Extract, Hops  Extract. Packaging is sturdy, but while traveling, there is little danger of spillage (personal experience), so keep a nice little pouch to contain it in or a plastic bag or something :D Quantity could be more for the price since it is not like a scrub where only a little is needed and I finish 1 tube within 3 weeks when used everyday :D But I have no complaints because of the great quality of the product :)

It gives a matte look, no oily residue at all, which would probably not be great for very dry skin, but I have weird dry-yet-little-oily-combination skin and it works perfectly for me! It actually gives a foundation like coverage and hides many imperfections (like, little pimples and red spots). The only thing is-it has to be melded in quite vigorously like a makeup champion or otherwise it leaves a white cast behind which looks artificial :D But once that is done, it does not melt off, it really stays on even when it is really hot outside and I am standing even directly under the sun. I never feel the harsh sun rays burning my skin, no redness, no rashes, nothing for as long as 3-4 hours after applying it! As far as lightening claim goes, I don't think it actively lightens the skin BUT since it does such a good job protecting it from any sun damage,skin retains its even tone and original color tone and does not tan. THAT IS AS GOOD AS LIGHTENING in my book :D Also, after regular usage, I feel my skin has become healthier and retains a youthful look :)

  • Best weapon against sun damage for most weird, sensitive, problematic skin too!
  • Does not get washed away by sweat,gives long lasting protection (Effective even 3-4 hours after applying it!)
  • Perfectly made for Indian weather, even works in humid areas
  • Light on skin, feels like air once completely absorbed
  • Regular usage leads me to believe it retains healthy look & suppleness of skin
  • Gives coverage to little imperfections (pimples etc.) and works like a foundation. Perfect base for makeup too!
  • Helps protect against tanning 100% even in harshest summer days!
  • Dry skin people might need to apply a moisturizer or serum beneath,as the matte look might make their skin feel stretchy. 
  • There is some 2-3 minutes of wait involved to merge it and let it absorb which would be difficult for lazy bums or it will leave a whitish cast :P Nothing else :D

RECOMMENDED- YES,YES,A 1000 TIMES YES :D I think it is the bestseller in India when it comes to sunscreen category and that is not without reason. Use it to know that! Rating is 5/5 :)

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