Wednesday 25 November 2015

Bombay Salad Co., Fresh Salads, Bandra, Mumbai

It was a sultry,extremely sunny afternoon 2 weeks ago. It was my sister's extended birthday celebration (she celebrates it for 1 week flat :D) and being a new entrant on the 'health nut' scene (don't ask!) she wanted to check out something really healthy AND tasty! Now everyone knows that health & taste are not perceived to mix well. There are only so many ways you can pretend to like Quinoa or Oats or boiled Broccoli before you go misty eyed at the mere mention of those scrumptious pasta or pizza or sizzlers in barbecue sauce *drool* -or this is what everyone thinks :D

Well, I searched around a bit and landed right here in Bandra, at Bombay Salad Co. I was assured that this was one of THE places to be if you are searching for good, healthy food that will fill your tummy, satisfy your tastebuds and not make a big dent in your pocket either. Well, well, well, it fits the bill on all these counts AND some more :D

Go straight on Linking Road, keeping National College on your right, take a left from KFC, take the 4th left there, get inside a small-ish lane-ish street, and there it is, a really small place with a really small signboard that you might miss if you are not looking for it :D There is a little outdoor sitting which is not a good idea on sunny days (or maybe you wanna get tanned,personal preference here) and an equally little indoor sitting where an overpowering smell of all the salad combinations and sauces and juices might be a bit too strong. It didn't bother us much :) Walk in and see this huge counter filled with all veggies, nuts, fruits that go in the making of the beautiful salads here. And YES, there is popcorn as a topping too :D


So there are salads, sandwiches, wraps, juices on the menu. But I bet once you see the salads here, you won't have enough space in the tummy to order to anything else. Make your own salad by choosing your own veggies, fruits, sauces OR go for one of the pre-made selections all of which are simply fantastic. AND if you are not a heavy eater, do not go for the big bowl, since it is REALLY BIG :D We ordered 3 salads (1 big bowl and 2 small ones) and we were starving, still we couldn't finish it all! And we normally eat like elephants, so, make your choice accordingly. Order the juices too since they are pure 100% fresh fruit juice, nothing added unless you ask for it specifically


We ordered for The Hipster, The Samurai and Paneer Tikka & Parmesan salads, all of which were delicious to say the least. Fresh, colorful, an exotic mix of flavors that is not easily found in salads at least, very healthy, we just couldn't stop eating it all. The star of the mix was The Samurai, a salad that can be had warm too. If only we had more space in our tummy,we might have ordered another bowl of it :D 

If you thought that Kale & Quinoa cannot be tasty, you HAVE to taste The Hipster. A little bit on the sweeter side, it is perfect for those who like a mild burst of citrusy flavor in their food (I do :D)

So you thought that Tofu cannot be delicious enough to want more? Welcome The Samurai, the exotic mix of Tofu, Mushrooms, Broccoli, Lettuce, Soba Noodles. Ask for it warm, it simply enveloped us in a healthy embrace. I can have this for breakfast, lunch and dinner every day!

Paneer Tikka & Parmesan actually worked like a palate cleanser of sorts for us after Hipster and Samurai's strong flavors. Very light and fresh along with a kick of Paneer Tikka (very mildly spicy), we actually had to get this one packed as we were so full already :D

It is not surprising to see the place completely full and constant orders coming in for delivery to nearby homes & offices. This is where every health conscious person in Bandra seems to converge and now they have got 2 more wannabe regulars to their clientele, cannot wait to go back and taste everything else on the menu :) Now only if the place was a little bit bigger...

Oh well, we can't get everything we wish for :) ♥♥♥

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