Monday 30 November 2015

Iraya Hibiscus Balsam Review

Oh,my search for that elusive best conditioner for my dry,dehydrated hair, when will it end?
Probably never :P
But till then, I am happy to come across some really good & effective conditioners that keep my hair looking normal, even if just for 2 days :D

Meet Iraya Hibiscus Balsam, a great natural conditioner for really dry hair, or hair in need of some simple TLC :) I had heard about quite a few Iraya products but never really used any, this is the first Iraya product I have used and it is fantastic!

Bought it from Amazon for almost Rs. 550 (150 was delivery charges!) for 150 ml and looking at the quality of the product,I do not think it is very expensive per se, though I would like the quantity to be at least 200 ml :)

It Claims to 'Nourish,condition the hair, restore its vitality'. Ingredients include Hibiscus, Grapefruit Seed Extract, Vegetable Glycerine, Jatamansi, all natural formulation this is and 100% Vegetarian too,no testing on animals, yay :) Packaging is sturdy, but the pump dispenser could get stuck sometimes and the product itself is too thick so sometimes it is a tussle to get it out :D No big deal though. As I said, Quantity seems a bit less for the price, this lasted me 3 weeks when I used it twice or thrice a week and if it was 200 ml,it would last me a month, I would have liked that. Also,I use quite a lot of conditioner as my hair is abnormally dry and frizzy, but for someone with normal hair,this will easily last more than a month,so that way it will be value for money. 

However, it really is a wonderful conditioner. It is called 'balsam', I think, because it is more than a conditioner. It really made my hair soft but without that chemical-y feeling that usually accompanies using those drugstore conditioners which are full of silicones and other chemicals. This balsam helped me detangle my hair very easily and the softness stayed for at least 2 days afterwards which is great. Especially because I used it after using my brilliant Khadi Neem Shampoo which takes care of my itchy scalp & dandruff but really dries out the scalp and also makes hair dry, but this helps me after that. I am always in search of a conditioner because my scalp is so sensitive and scratchy,I need special shampoos to deep clean it but at the same time my hair is so dry it simply has no ability to retain moisture. So this conundrum continues. If I use a heavy duty shampoo, my hair feels like straw and if I use a mild shampoo, my scalp feels irritated! So a deep conditioner is always on my wish list and this one really fits the bill. I did not experience any hairfall or itching after using it either which makes it a good fit for me as anything having even remotely harmful chemicals make my scalp go itch-itch :D I used it for only 5 minutes after shampoo and even then results were great, I wish I had the patience to keep it on for 15-20 minutes which I am sure would give even better results :) Remember,there are no miracles!


  • Natural formulation
  • Does everything it promises
  • Beautiful fragrance that lingers for some time, does not feel artificial
  • Also,Beautiful light pink color,like cotton candy :D
  • Does not give artificial shine to hair, but gives a healthy shine & natural softness

  • I just wish the quantity was more for the price
  • Not very easily available, I think it is because Iraya makes natural products,so it must be making in batches which get over quickly and then we have to wait for another fresh batch :) Buy it from Amazon!

RECOMMENDED- YES! I would say this is a great conditioner for dry hair and even normal hair would benefit from it. Rating is 4/5

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