Monday 30 November 2015

Clarins White Plus Smoothing Brightening Night Cream Review

This was a part of the brilliant Clarins Gift Box I received a few months ago with some sample size products of the iconic beauty brand. My quest for the best moisturizer continues and this product did make a mark on me in some ways :)

In recent years,almost everyone has woken up to the importance of having a night cream in the daily beauty regimen, whereas I grew up in an atmosphere where putting some basic facial oils (almond, apricot and even baby oil!) was the most I saw my mother & grandmother do as their daily bedtime ritual! I guess, with all the pollutants and stress related factors in the external environment that we are daily exposed to, a night time regimen sounds proactive enough for skin care nowadays. So I was pretty excited to use Clarins Night Cream, add to that the tag of Smoothing & Brightening and you have got me in the net :D 

I got a cute little tube of 15 ml which lasted me a cool 6 days and I was generous with applying it every night. For those interested in buying it,do check out Amazon where it is available for Rs. 6402 for 50 ml! Yup, it is an iconic luxury brand all right!

Claims to be 'a rich brightening and hydrating night cream,even out complexion, slow down melanin production, leading to clearer,smoother,more radiant skin'. Ingredients include very impressive list of Raspberry, Vitamin C (Lemon Extract), Hyaluronic Acid along with several chemicals (do not ask me to pronounce them :P). Packaging is sturdy and travel friendly. Quantity is-well, you don't ask this question when it comes to luxury brands :D Their quality ought to speak for itself :) Though if you are insistent, 50 ml should last a month at least even if your skin is as dry as mine,as only a little is needed each time.

It is moisturizing indeed. My skin did not feel dry or stretched out at all which it usually does,no matter what I put on :( And I am afraid of putting on anything extra oily since it leads to pimples *headbang* Oh yes,my marvelously confused skin which simply cannot decide if it wants to be dry or oily. But hey,this one moisturized nicely without leading to acne or clogged pores on my face, which is a plus point. Woohoo :D It also gives nice little glow that makes looking in the mirror first thing in the morning a nice experience as opposed to 'Holy Crow,is THAT how I look in the morning' scare :D I did not see any 'decrease in melanin production' in 6 days but I am pretty rigid with using heavy duty sunblock every single day. I do not encourage hoping for miracles with any beauty product and this is no exception, what I do know is it is a good moisturizer. And the fragrance is divine! But,the final question is, does this warrant the hefty price tag? I got this for free,so no regrets,but will I pay this much for a simple moisturizer? Umm, maybe not :) But I know many people out there will pay a lot for a brand name,and if so,then this is a good product to bet on. In the long run,on using it for a month or longer, it might even lead to more evened out complexion too. Overall, a good product.


  • Divine fragrance
  • Iconic brand
  • Rich texture of the cream,perfect for dry and dehydrated skin
  • Gives soft,supple skin in the morning
  • A nice,dewy glow is imparted
  • No breakouts/pimples on my sensitive skin 
  • Did I tell you about the fragrance that is simply out of this world? :D
  • Good moisturizer but way too expensive!
  • Not easily available, check out Amazon :)

RECOMMENDED- Yes for those who want to experience a luxury brand, No for those who will expect miracles after spending so heavily. Rating would be 3/5 :)


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