Saturday 31 October 2015

Himalaya Herbals Clear Complexion Whitening Face Scrub Review

Another scrub from the stable of Himalaya Herbals and yes,this one is 'whitening' but I still used it since it does not have horrible chemicals and will not bleach the skin :P Hmm, so one fine day I was browsing through Big Bazaar and saw this new variant of scrub and hey,I had to use it :D 

Bought it for Rs. 130 for 100 gms which is perfect value for money. It is also easily available at Flipkart & Amazon etc. ,like all Himalaya Herbals products :)

Claims include enhancing complexion by removing impurities, revealing fresh glowing skin and visibly brighten skin. See, this is what is meant by 'whitening' when it is not done by bleaching or using harmful chemicals :D Ingredients as usual are purely natural such as Apricot,Licorice,White Dammer. As we all know, Apricot is the exfoliator while Licorice (mulethi) is known to brighten the skin in Ayurvedic texts :) Packaging,like all Himalaya Herbals products is quite sturdy and functional. No miracles promised which is fine with me. Quantity is perfect for the price, perfect value for money.

Now my skin is so sensitive that it will immediately break out in 100 pimples in mutiny on using anything harsh, but this is not harsh at all. In fact, it is even gentler than the other gentle scrub I used-Himalaya Herbals Walnut :D It is thus perfect for very sensitive skin. For me, I just found it a liquidier version of the walnut scrub and could not discern much difference. It did not work on blackheads or whiteheads or clogged pores, it did not give that satisfaction of having used an 'exfoliator' :D BUT it did lead to faintly brighter skin. But it is still more like using a lotion on face and then rinsing it off. Well, my skin is weirder than more people so probably I did not see much of a difference, other people might :)

  • Very gentle, great for sensitive skin
  • Does lead to little brightening
  • Removes impurities
  • Will not lead to allergies or scratches or rashes under any case,not even on most sensitive skin
  • Moisturizes skin,no need to use any cream after this
  • Value for money
  • Easily available everywhere, buy it from Flipkart or Amazon :)
  • Did not work much on my weird skin :D Maybe it will work on normal skin in a much better way,since I know quite a few people who have seen visible difference in their skin texture!
  • For those who need that 'gritty' exfoliating feel, this is not for you.

RECOMMENDED-Maybe! I think really sensitive,normal or even dry skin people will like it. There are no miracles but this can definitely be tried once :) Rating would be 3/5 (I am keeping in mind really great reviews of close friends too :D)

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