Monday 30 November 2015

Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion Review

Taking forward review of products in my Clarins gift box I got from a friend some months ago, this is my favorite from the lot. Perfect for dry & dehydrated skin without making it sticky, I am glad to have used this.

I got a nice 30 ml tube which was perfect for applying on my ultra dry-as-Sahara-desert hands and feet for 4 days straight and it was enough to make me fall in love with it :) If you want to buy it,check out Amazon where it is available for Rs. 3760 for 200 ml which should be enough to last 1 month. It is such a good product that I don't even mind that it is so expensive, and yes,after all it is Clarins :)

Claims to 'Nourish, Smoothen, Moisturize, Improve skin tone'. Ingredients is mainly Shea Butter (and a boatload of chemicals that I cannot be bothered to remember :P). Packaging is good enough and travel friendly

I have used other Clarins products but this one seems to be the best of the lot. My hands and feet are always in need of dire moisturization as they feel like Sahara desert most of the time. But either most of the lotions or creams are moisturizing only for 1-2 hours and then I have to reapply them (which I am horrible at) or they are too greasy and icky and still that dehydrated, stretchy feeling stays unchanged underneath the greasy layer! This one however is truly moisture-rich, without being greasy. It takes a little massage to seep in the skin, then it gives a beautiful glow, a warm feeling, a nice fragrance that lingers for some time, and the moisture envelope lasts for 6-7 hours easily. It makes my skin feel healthy -as we all know, moisturized skin automatically feels young and smooth-and yes, Clarins moisture-rich body lotion gives that smooth glow :) It is one of those very few products that have completely done justice to their promise.


  • Does what it promises
  • Moisturizes perfectly without being greasy for 6-7 years,even extremely dry skin feels healed
  • Extremely pleasant fragrance
  • Improves skin tone,makes it feel young and smooth
  • Truly luxury beauty brand and product
  • Expensive,but quality is so good,I do not mind it one bit :)
  • Not easily available, check out Amazon

RECOMMENDED-YES! If you have been as troubled as I am with extremely dry,dehydrated skin, this is a savior! Rating is 4.5/5 :)

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