Saturday 31 October 2015

Biotique Bio Nut Detoxifying Body Scrub Review

By now, it must be evident how much I am in love with scrubs :D Even though my facial skin is too sensitive to love any kind of scrub, my body needs it regularly to buff off all the dead,dry,rough skin :)

Biotique Bio Nut Detoxifying Body Scrub is one of the first one I used years ago,while still in college and quite liked it. Eventually,I have used it now & then and liked it every single time :)

I have always purchased it from Flipkart  For around Rs. 500 for 175 grams which lasts easily for 1 & a half months on using twice or even thrice a week. I would say it is value for money and not very expensive considering how premium product Biotique is!

Claims to leave skin spotless, refreshed, take care of dryness & pigmentation, giving soft & supple skinIngredients are pure natural and potent such as walnut oil,neem, red sandalwood, mint which together smell really nice too :D Packaging is very sturdy, this big tub that has no false bottom or anything and it is quite travel friendly too


Lovely texture that is thick and moisturizing for my skin! My skin does not feel stretchy or dry after using it and for that alone,I love it a lot. In fact,I usually let it sit on my skin for 3-4 minutes and then gently exfoliate my skin by dampening it with water and it completely rinses out all the dirt and impurities. It has loads of gritty granules,perfect for very rough areas like elbows and knees/ ankles especially :) Skin is left soft,supple,radiant immediately :)

  • Gritty granules,perfect for body scrubbing
  • Very moisturizing especially for dry skin
  • Buffs away all dirt and dead skin without making skin dry at all
  • Soft,supple skin immediately
  • Softens rough areas like elbows and knees that are difficult to soften :)
  • Quantity is good enough as little is needed,since it is so thick in texture,only a little is needed every time :)
  • Quite pleasant fragrance,lingers on for some time!
  • Easily available at Flipkart, Amazon and so on.
  • I cannot think of a single bad point :D

RECOMMENDED -  YES! One of the best body scrubs,hands down :) Rating is 4.75/5

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