Saturday 31 October 2015

Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream Review

Okay, so once in a while I do use products with labeling of 'whitening' and 'fairness'. First,because YES nothing would make me happier than have Kareena Kapoor or Katrina Kaif's complexion and I am hoping some product would do that (it is NOT easy being Dusky + Short + Fat girl in India,have mercy :P) But more importantly, the thing is Indian companies often use 'whitening' and 'fairness' to lure customers in, when in reality they want to rid our skin of tanning/ pollution/ give radiance/ brighten it :) So I keep away from products with dangerous chemicals (Confession-I used Fair and Lovely-for a week,10 years ago :P) and only use the ones I think would not bleach my skin,rather brighten it :) This is supposed to be one of those products!

I bought it from Flipkart for Rs. 455 for 175 grams and that is reasonable enough as Biotique is high-quality, purely Ayurvedic and natural. Ingredients include pure virgin coconut, dandelion and Manjishtha which Claims to lighten the skin by fading the blemishes and spots and making skin smooth and supple. Quantity is enough to last more than 3 months if you apply it on face and more than a month on applying on hands & legs (as I did :D)

See,the thing is,my skin is weird. It is sensitive and gets red easily and dry but at the same time,little oily too, and gets pimples if I use anything too rich but feels rough if I don't put on anything :P So I have to be very careful of what I put on my face. My body skin on the other hand is rough and very dry and loves oily stuff. And that is what this cream is. IT IS OILY! I mean, REALLY OILY! Not like Parachute oil, but just two notches below that, got that? So I opened the pack and I knew that I would get an attack of 100 pimples within a day if I put it on my face and I will never risk that (who will? :P) 

Needless to say, my hands and feet love this cream. LOVE IT! It is paradise for dry,rough hands and feet. And if you have really dry facial skin, please try it. But not if you have oily/ combination skin! It says 'For all skin types' but I implore those with oily skin to stay away! Dry skinned beauties can lap it up. It moisturizes wonderfully and gives a brightening glow immediately. I won't say it 'whitens' but it definitely makes skin smooth and supple and the moisturizing effect lasts a good 7-8 hours. No dryness at all. I have used so many creams and body lotions but never met anything as good a moisturizer as this :)

  • Great Moisturizer, perfect for dry skin
  • Natural, Ayurvedic
  • Gives smooth, supple, healthy looking (and feeling skin)
  • Little is needed at a time, so lasts a good long time
  • Gives immediate radiance for sure :)
  • Available easily on Flipkart, Amazon etc. :)
  • No whitening at all
  • Absolutely not recommended to oily/combination skin, it will invite pimples!
  • Tub packing is unhygienic (but it is thick so I don't think it can come in a pump bottle like other lotions,I did not mind taking it out of the tub everyday, but some other people would!)
  • A little weird smell :D I have ultra-sensitive nose and I did not find the smell bad in any way,it was just not fragrance-y like other creams or lotions. Maybe it is a good thing because they did not add any artificial fragrance!

RECOMMENDED- Yes for Dry Skin, No for oily skin! I will use it again because I love the deep moisturization and healthy feel of my skin. Rating is 3.75/5 :)

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  1. Skin whitening body soap can be used instead of bleach. I know Biotique products are good.


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